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Sleeping Straight Stanley

Sleeping Straight Stanley
By Adam


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Back in college, I ran with a group of guys. We all played volleyball together, mostly for fun but sometimes competitively too. I had great friendships with all of them. However, I only ever had fun with one of them. His name was Stanley.

Stan was an all around hot guy in my books. He was tall and tanned with a good build. I've seen him with his shirt off many times, and the boy had some defined muscles. Though he was still more on the lean side rather than bulky, Stanley had a cute boyish face, with spiky black hair and a slightly crooked brilliant smile. His tan went over real nice on his face, giving him a smooth complexion that complemented his dark features. He wasn't stupid in terms of book smarts and was getting decent grades, but I always considered him a bit of a lovable oaf. He was just playful, friendly and just liked to chill out and have fun without the need for deep conversations. He definitely had the looks and built and cleaned up real well to look the part of a real charmer.

Unfortunately, the ladies loved flirting with him and hanging out with him... but nothing more. He always complained that girls thought he was too much of a friend to date. I felt the same way, Stanley easily got me hard with his usual attire of baggy white shorts and a t-shirt, but I couldn't see myself in a long term serious relationship with him. It didn't matter anyway, the boy was straight as can be, and he constantly pined for girls all through college.

About one month after I met Stan, our group of friends decided to go on a road trip to crash the wedding of one of the guy's cousins. Stanley showed up in what I was beginning to recognize as his trademark loose white shorts. I didn't make anything of it at first and was just excited about the trip. Since there were five of us, Myself, Stanley and one of our buddies crammed ourselves in the back seat with Stan sitting in the middle.

Three hours later and half dozed, I found myself not so excited any more. I was feeling bored, uncomfortable and a little carsick as Stan quietly snoozed beside me. With nothing else to do I found my gaze drawn to the male specimen beside me. I never realized what a good body Stan had before! His right hand was across his thigh and his tight t-shirt concealed half of his bicep. Though he was hunched over, his stomach was still completely flat and moving slightly to the rhythm of his breathing. Stanley's legs were tanned and smooth, with thick hair growing mostly only below his knee. The leg of his shorts further from me was flat against Stan's thigh, but the leg on my side gaped away from his muscular thigh. I looked further up and saw the reason why and suddenly felt heat flush up to my face. His shorts were on high enough for Stan's thick meat and balls to go entirely down one leg of his shorts in his sleep! The huge lump of flesh mere inches above the gape in his shorts-leg pushed it open, away from his thigh. My cock shot up and got impossibly hard within my jeans almost instantly. How could I not have noticed how totally hot Stan was before? I didn't know if he was wearing underwear or not, but it was obvious that Stan's bulge would be visible up the leg of his shorts to anyone in front of him. I squirmed and tried to manoeuvre myself into a position to look up his shorts but there wasn't any room. I finally slumped back feeling very frustrated. My cock was still throbbing in my jeans and I could feel the warmth of Stanley's thigh where it touched my leg. I kept thinking that I was touching a part of his body only inches away from his package, I wanted to leap on top of him right there! Eventually accepting defeat, I tried to convince myself that I would never get a chance with Stanley and to accept it. Luckily, I was wrong and that chance would come the very next day.

We made it to the wedding right on time the following evening. My other friend Nick congratulated his cousin and caught up with his family. He returned to us with good news. His Dad had offered to put us up at his place for the week so Nick could spend some more time with his family and also show us his home town. I looked around for Stanley, he was chatting up a girl. He seemed especially bold seeing as he had had quite a lot to drink at the actual ceremony. The girl seemed equally warm to Stanley at first, but didn't hesitate to leave when her ride arrived. I silently cursed her. Flashing back to Stanley's ample bulge in his white shorts the day before, I was pissed that she could have easily have had all that but chose to give it up! I certainly wouldn't pass up on an opportunity with him. My vow to give up on Stanley the day before had been ineffective; he looked hot as hell even in a more formal outfit and his hair neatly combed.

We went back to Nick's old home after the wedding. I quickly volunteered to join Nick and Stanley in Nick's old room, while the other two guys would sleep in the guest room. Nick's Dad and Sister got out some beers for us and all seven of us sat around and chatted for a while. Stanley looked completely gone after just two cans. It was clear that he already had too much to drink at the wedding itself. As a few of the guys turned in for the night, everyone laughingly agreed that Stan should call it a day too. He reluctantly stumbled to Nick's room to sleep it off. The next thing I knew, I hazily awoke and looked at the clock on the mantel, it was 3:30am! Nick, his sister and myself had stayed to chat in the living room and I must have dozed off. I got up and noticed that they had both suffered the same fate. Nick was asleep on the recliner while his Sister lay snoring on the couch. I decided to leave them be and went into Nick's room to get some proper sleep.

I opened he door and was harshly jolted awake by the sight! Stanley lay shirtless on the bed with the covers to the side, he was still in his jeans from the evening. His lean body glistened in the moonlight and he looked completely out of it. I silently shut the door as my hands started to tremble. Nick was dozing happily in the living room, it would just be Stanley and me in the room for the night!

I thought of all the times I had seen Stanley before. I had seen him in jeans, in shorts, even in his swim trunks; but I had never once seen him naked. It wasn't until the previous day and my glimpse at the outline of Stan's manhood that I had began to view him in a sexual light. I don't know why I hadn't noticed sooner. Looking at him on the bed, his cute face was illuminated by the moonlight, his abs showed on his thin waist even though he was completely relaxed while some hair trailed down from his navel into his jeans where the waistband of his briefs was visible. He was perfect! I recalled his thick bulge from before, it was laid out right before me. I imagined what it would be like to get Stanley hard, to suck him till he couldn't hold his load any more. I couldn't take it any longer!

I told myself, "Fuck it! Let him get up and beat me senseless, I have to have him!"

Crawling into bed beside Stan, I observed his face carefully. His white teeth were visible in his slightly open mouth as he breathed in and out slowly. He looked like he was in deep sleep. I gently scooted down and put my hand on his stomach, feeling his tight abs. Trailing downward, I gasped as my palm cupped the bulge in the front of his jeans. I couldn't really make anything out, but the contours of Stan's manhood was definitely firmly pushing up against my palm from under his jeans. I carefully unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zip down, exposing the crotch of a pair of grey briefs. I looked up, Stanley hadn't moved and was still breathing slowly. I inhaled deeply and mustered the courage to firmly tug on his jeans. They came down easier than expected because the front was open. I pulled them down about five inches till they reached the middle of Stanley's thighs. His briefs looked a little tighter and harder to get off. His sack made the bottom of his briefs bulge out. There was a ridge of slightly loose fabric leading away from it, which must have been Stan's cock, pointed upwards. I squeezed it lightly, making out the shaft and the head which was completely soft. My heart was pounding, I was so turned on! I brought my face up towards his crotch and leaned my cheek lightly against it. I could make out each of Stan's two balls held in place by his briefs. Looking up again to make sure he was still out, I gingerly hooked both my hands under the waistband and peeled down Stanley's briefs.

They were so tight I think I must have spent fifteen minutes slowly inching them down trying not to wake Stanley. I got them around his mid thighs, like his jeans. My heart pounded hard and a lump sagged in my throat when I saw Stan's bare dick. His balls were medium sized and kind of loose, his creased sack was tanned just like him and a little moist with sweat. Stan was uncut, foreskin covered half of his cock head. His cock was average in length but thick and drooped heftily on his balls. Trying to get Stan hard, I held his cock with three fingers and began to massage the underside of the head. His foreskin made it pretty easy to slide my fingers up and down. My eyes were on Stan's face the whole time, I was prepared to duck to the floor if he started to wake up. I could still feel the contours of his glans under my fingers. Feeling no reaction, I squeezed a little more firmly and quickened my rubbing. My gaze still glued to his face, I thought I felt Stan's cock throb. It still remained soft. Then, it throbbed again but this time, I felt it get thicker beneath my fingertips. My fingers felt stone cold, I was so nervous Stan would be able to feel them and wake up. His eyes remained closed as his cock throbbed a few more times and became rigid between my fingers as I stroked. I swooned and almost passed out. Staring into his cute face, I was feeling all that this swell guy had to offer!

I looked down to see my handiwork. Stan's cock was completely hard and a respectable six inches. It was entirely straight, just like he was. I wrapped my whole hand around his cock, feeling the hard and warm flesh against my palm. I cupped his sack lightly with my other hand and felt his firm balls under the loose skin. Still cupping his sack, I began to stroke up and down the length of his shaft. I looked back up at his face. Stan was breathing a little heavier than before. No way he was awake because the guy was straight as an arrow, but he was definitely feeling the pleasure I was giving him.

After about five dizzying minutes of pumping this stud, I started to notice that Stan's breathing was now so heavy his stomach was noticeably rising and falling. More sweat had started to form on his chest too. I let go of his now throbbing cock and took a deep breath. With one final glance to make sure he was still asleep, I lowered my head to his groin. I had never sucked cock before that moment. So I tried to think of what I would like someone to do to me as I wrapped my lips around the head of Stan's manhood. I used the tip of my tongue to probe under his foreskin and run along the underside of the head. His cock throbbed as I flicked my tongue along it. I tried to take the whole thing, but only about the top three inches would fit comfortably in my mouth. I bobbed up and down this straight stud's pole and felt his cock throb again. I tasted something sweet in my mouth. My buddy Stanley had just leaked some pre-cum into my mouth! I briefly stopped and checked on him. Stan's mouth was now opened a little more and he was breathing very deeply. I resumed sucking on his cock, it felt even harder than before. I could feel the veins on Stan's shaft throbbing as my lips moved up and down along it. I tasted even more pre-cum and knew this young athlete wouldn't be able to last much longer.

I cupped his balls again and started playing with them as I increased my pace on his shaft. I darted my eyes up as I sucked and saw Stanley's mouth hanging open beyond his stomach, which was quickly rising and falling. Stan grunted in his sleep, but I was too horny to stop now. I had to make this hot stud cream! I pressed my lips down harder and went as fast as I could, tasting the pre-cum Stan produced as I sucked. I could feel his balls tightening against his body in my hand. I wrapped my other hand around his shaft and pumped as I focused my sucking purely on the head. Stan grunted again, hard! His cock got impossibly rigid in my hand. I could see Stan's dark brows furrow as his thighs tensed up under me. His cock throbbed violently; a jet of cum hit the back of my throat, then another, then another! He cringed and groaned, another sweet-tasting shot hit my throat. It was too much, a ton of Stanley's cum leaked out the sides of my mouth. I removed my lips from his cock and watched the final two weak shots spurt from his dick head and run down his shaft.

I couldn't even think straight, my head was spinning and my body trembling all over. I looked down at the utter mess. There was cum all over his balls and in his pubes! I panicked, I ran out of the room to the bathroom with the taste of Stanley's seed still in my mouth. Pulling myself together, I got a towel and returned to clean him up. Stan was still asleep and his breathing had returned to normal. I put his briefs and jeans back on, careful not to touch his now soft cock too much in case it was still sensitive. I then threw the towel in the hamper and returned to the bathroom for the hugest wank of my life. I must have cum within ten seconds! After I cleaned up, I went back to sleep in the living room where Nick and his Sister were still out like lights.

The next morning, I got up early. The few guys who were already up made breakfast. Stan got up a couple of hours later, he had a hangover and laughed that we all fell asleep in the living room. He seemed to have no clue about what had happened during the night. Nothing else ever happened between me and Stanley, but I'll always remember that night as the hottest of my life. He still bulged alluringly in his white shorts all throughout college, I even managed to actually get a glimpse at his briefs up his shorts a few times after that. Every time I do, my cock gets rock hard and I smile to myself knowing that I wanked, blew and made this straight stud cream.

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