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Need by Wrestlr

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    Title: NEED by Wrestlr

   Summary: What do you do when you need to be studying but you also need
to get fucked?  And then your hot straight roommate needs to get off?

   Keywords: NC, MM, Hypno 

   Disclaimer: The naked hypnotist strides confidently into your room.  His
lips curl in what might be a smile as he dangles his shiny crystal pendulum
before your eyes and announces, "Listen and obey.  If you are not of legal
age, or if you offended by sexual situations, you will leave this place
immediately.  From here on, no matter how realistic it may appear,
everything will seem like fiction to you, a pleasant dream where scientific
possibilities and laws may change according to my suggestion.  Now, if you
are willing, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride."
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   * * *    Need by Wrestlr

   Lucas and I had decided to be roommates because we were both on the
college soccer team, we were friends, and we got along well.  He knew I was
gay and said it didn't matter to him; I wasn't out to the rest of the team,
and he agreed to keep my secret.  I only told him because he was my
roommate and I thought he ought to know.  I knew he was straight and that
didn't bother me either--the whole team knew about his on-again, off-again
relationship with Zinnia, this chick he was usually dating.

   My favorite part of playing soccer?--Had to be checking out all those
well-built bodies in the locker room after practice.  I'd long ago given up
on trying to stop looking at all the semi- and fully naked young jocks
around me, and now I just focused on disguising the *reason* I was looking.
I wasn't staring at the cute tight-bodied goalie because he was naked after
his shower and had an amazing ass; I was looking at him because he was
telling a funny story to one of the other players.  I wasn't watching the
Latino forward put his foot up on a bench and run his towel up under his
big balls and dark, dangling dick as he chatted with an equally naked
beautiful blond Lucas; I was ...  Well, okay, I was watching the forward
dry his balls.  I glanced away, but Lucas had already caught me and gave me
a wink because he knew why I'd been looking.  I was always kind of
surprised that everyone else seemed oblivious to the lust in my eyes, but
none of the other guys had ever called me on it, not once.

   One evening after I had been studying some fuck-awful boring psychology
textbook alone in our dorm room, I went out to get something to eat. 
Reading erotic hypnosis stories for fun?--Fucking hot.  Reading a dry
textbook chapter about hypnosis for class?--Fucking boring.  I was tired of
studying.  On top of that, I'd been fighting a recurring hard-on all
afternoon and all evening, but I hadn't jerked off yet.  I was saving a
good jack-off session as a reward to myself for getting through all the
readings for the exam the next day.  The barista at the snack shop had
sorta-kinda flirted with me a little and had the most beautiful eyes, and
that sure didn't help my horn-dog situation.  I'd had sex with guys exactly
three times before, I definitely wanted to have sex with a guy again, and
my erection was sure lobbying for me to haul this cute barista back to the
stockroom and have sex with him right then and there, lots of sex, in every
position we could imagine.  But I was a good boy and instead went back to
my dorm room to finish studying.  Dammit.  Frustration made my balls ache,
and I told myself maybe I'd check back the next day, after the exam, and
see if the barista was still interested.  Maybe I could get his phone
number or make plans to hang out with him or something.  Maybe he'd even
let me hypnotize him too--that thought was so fucking hot my dick nearly
went into meltdown, and my erection had to be obvious to anyone who even
glanced at my crotch.  Hell, I barely managed not to cum right on the spot.

   The time was around nine-thirty.  I entered our dorm room to find Lucas
dressing.  I arrived just in time to get an eyeful of his cute butt as he
pulled his ratty old sweat-shorts up over his boxers, in the process of
changing out of the nicer clothes he'd worn when he left earlier for his
date with Zinnia.  That ass: my eyes and cock immediately noticed it, and I
had to check to make sure I wasn't drooling.  Lucas definitely had the
nicest ass on campus, and I definitely appreciated it.  But while Lucas
knew I was gay, he didn't know I was crushing bad on him.  I'd never told
him how much I lusted for him because I wasn't sure how he'd react.

   "You're back early," I said, playing it cool as I dropped into the chair
in front of that tiny workspace the dorm laughably called my "desk,"
ever-so-casually picked up my psychology textbook.  I positioned the book
to prevent Lucas from seeing my back-with-a-vengeance boner.  Usually Lucas
was gone until at least midnight on date nights, and I'd thought I'd have
plenty of time to finish the readings and my reward jack-off before he got
back.  But I was happy to see Lucas' ass, and Lucas in general--shirtless
and barefoot and blond-haired and still practically naked except for those
sweat-shorts and boxers.

   He, though, definitely didn't look happy, not at all.  His relationship
with Zinnia was probably most famous for being rocky.  Hell, twenty miles
of gravel road would be less rocky.  One of the other guys on the team had
dated her a couple of times the year before she and Lucas hooked up, and he
described her as "kind of a real cunt," so I guessed the cause of Lucas'
dour expression: "Zinnia's being a bitch again, huh?  What was it this
time?--Something you said, or something you did?"

   He sighed and flopped down on his back on his narrow bed.  "Yeah, Zinnia
again," he said looking at me.  "It's always fucking Zinnia.  I can't
figure her shit out.  Ever since we got back together"--*this most recent
time*, I thought but didn't interrupt him to say--"she acts like she's all
hot for me like before, and then nothing, not even a quick feel.  I ..." He
trailed off.  "Uh, sorry.  Same old story, right?  You probably don't want
to hear this shit all over again."

   I shrugged.  "I don't mind."

   "Can you keep a secret?"

   "Of course."

   Lucas took a deep breath.  Man, whatever he was about to tell me must be
an awfully big deal, I thought.

   "Before we broke up, things were mostly good between us physically. 
Even when we were having problems, she was always willing to fuck, and the
sex was fucking awesome, man.  But now we're back together and all, but ...
nothing.  It's been three weeks.  I don't know what the fuck is up, and all
she says, "Oh, Lucas, I just need to focus on my schoolwork instead of sex
and, if you can't understand that, maybe we just want different things out
of this relationship.'" Man, I tell you--she acts like she wants me, but
then zip, nada, nothing.  Man, my balls are about ready to fucking explode,

   "I can't help you with Zinnia, but as far as your balls are concerned
there's always ..." I made the universal sign for cock-stroking with my

   "Very funny, smart ass.  That gets old real fast.  Trust me on that. 
What I need is some ass!"

   I knew exactly what he meant about jacking off getting old!  By now, my
cock was going crazy, which made me bold in a way I'd never been before.

   "I could--uhm, I could help you out with that." The words were out of my
mouth before I even knew what I was saying.  I thought, *Oh, fuck--stupid,
stupid, stupid*, but I couldn't take my words back.  Why did I say
something so dumb?  Just because Lucas needed some tail didn't mean he'd be
interested in mine.  He was, after all, straight and dating a chick, even
if she wasn't having sex with him.

   Surprised, Lucas said, "Uh ...  what?"

   I had a split second to decide: I could pretend I was joking, or I could
commit to it.  My aching nuts decided for me.

   "You said you needed some ass.  I could help you with that."

   Confused, Lucas just looked at me.  "Uh, you know some babe you can set
me up with?"

   "No, you moron."

   Lucas' eyes grew wide as he realized what I meant.  "*You?*" he asked
uncertainly.  "You want me to fuck you?"

   Maybe I could have still laughed it off as a joke, but instead I
nodded--"Yeah"--and waited for his reaction.

   "You let guys fuck you?" Lucas knew I was gay, but he couldn't seem to
believe what I'd just said.

   More importantly, he hadn't said *no*.  Could that be a chink in his
heterosexual armor?  I answered his question by shrugging and saying,
"Yeah. I've done it a few times." If three times could be considered *a
few*, that is.

   He chuckled and shook his shaggy blond head.  "I can't believe you're

   I couldn't back out now.  Sometimes life is like soccer: when you get a
shot at the goal, you have to take it.

   "Listen, you need to fuck.  I want to get fucked.  I bet my ass is a
whole lot tighter than Zinnia's pussy.  Trust me--my ass is nice and tight.
We can even turn out the lights, and you can pretend I'm her."

   The idea was really getting to Lucas.  I could tell by the lump growing
in the front of his sweat-shorts.  My straight roommate was getting a
hard-on thinking about fucking some ass--*my* ass.  He wouldn't have ever
considered what I was proposing if he hadn't been so desperate to score
some tail.  My own erection ached for some attention too.  I couldn't
believe I was actually trying to seduce him!

   He sat up on his bed and looked at me.  His eyes were glazed with lust,
but I saw hesitation there: he had a real problem with fucking another guy.
"No." He shook his head again.  "I don't think so."

   "No one will ever know," I whispered.

   "You won't tell *anyone*?" he asked, heavily emphasizing *anyone*.

   "I swear."

   He thought about it another second.  "No," he stated again flatly,
falling back on his bed and staring at the ceiling.  "No fucking way." But
his erection didn't subside.  In fact, the way he was lying back on his bed
seemed to make his cock-mound seem even more pronounced.

   I couldn't risk losing after I'd come this far.  Time to bring out the
big guns.  Besides, what better way to prepare for the exam on hypnosis
than by actually hypnotizing somebody?

   "Look, I know you have some concerns.  That's understandable.  You
should focus on your concerns.  Maybe you can group all those thoughts
together.  You know, so you can kind of examine them at the same time, from
all sides."

   "Hmm?" he muttered without looking at me.

   "Sure, it's easy.  You can move all those thoughts off to the side so
you can consider them all at once, like you're making a list of things on
an app or something."

   "What the fuck are you--"

   "Don't talk.  Just listen.  I'm trying to help.  It's okay to list the
reasons why you don't want to do it.  They're probably valid reasons, too.
Just group them together off to one side in your thoughts.  It's easy. 
Close your eyes if that makes it easier."

   He didn't, but--whatever--I kept going.

   "Now once you've got your reasons grouped, you can look at them all at
once, like they're all really one thing.  And you can see where they get
their power.  That probably seems obvious, I guess, but what might not be
so obvious is the way you can control them.  You can control how much power
they get, or you can take that power away from them.  You know that now, I
bet.  In fact, if you want to, you can unplug them and let them run down,
just like your phone does when you don't recharge it.  You can unplug them
and watch them slowly run out of power.  It might be easier for you to
imagine if you close your eyes.  Just for a moment, maybe.  Close your eyes
and imagine those reasons unplugged and slowly running low on power."

   Lucas sighed vaguely and closed his eyes.

   "That's it.  You can continue watching them run down even with your eyes
closed.  You don't need to pay attention to what I'm saying.  Watching them
run down and slowly start to fade is more interesting anyway.  I bet it's
easy to imagine, right?  One by one, they're fading, running out of energy,
fading, going dark.  And as they fade, you might notice something
interesting.  They may be trying to drain power from the rest of your
thoughts, making them run down too, making them go dark.  That's okay.  You
can watch that happen too.  Just let it happen.  Let all your thoughts run
down, fade slowly, slowly go dark, so very quiet and still and peaceful. 
That's okay.  Maybe it feels a little like when you're falling asleep and
your thoughts start to go quiet as you sink down into sleep.  Maybe you can
relax and just watch that happen.  You've had a long day.  You're already
sleepy, already sinking toward sleep.  That's okay.  Let it happen."

   Lucas made noise halfway between a sigh and a hum--"Hnn ..."--hardly any
sound to it.  He turned his head a little, like maybe he was trying to

   "Just relax and let your thoughts run down," I encouraged him. 
"Everything fading, going dark.  Sinking slowly, slowly sinking into
peaceful, quiet sleep.  Sinking."

   He half-turned his head again.

   "Thoughts so quiet now.  Sinking.  When you're ready, watch your
thoughts fade away, one by one.  Give yourself permission to sink into
sleep.  That's it.  Peaceful, quiet sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep now."

   At last, just as I was about to decide he wasn't ready to submit, Lucas
made that noise again, even quieter this time--"...  hn ..."--and his face
and body visibly relaxed.

   "That's it.  Sleep.  Feels so good to sleep.  Not thinking about
anything.  Just relaxed and sleeping.  Sleep.  And you might find that as
you sleep, you start to dream a little.  It can be as peaceful or as real
as you want it.  Maybe you dream that there's someone beautiful with you.
Someone so desirable.  Someone who makes you so hot.  Maybe that someone
touches you, and that touch helps you relax and sleep even deeper, like
this." I put my hand gently on Lucas' bare knee.  "Whatever happens--it's
all right.  It's just a dream.  No worries.  Anything can happen in a
dream. And this someone is so hot, so desirable, and you want it to happen
so much, as this person continues to touch you.  The dream is becoming
clearer.  You are sleeping deeply.  All your resisting thoughts have
already gone dark, so anything that happens while you're asleep is just
part of the dream.  Just a dream, and maybe you're curious to let this
dream unfold, see what happens, see what it's like, just this once, while
all your resisting thoughts and all your objections have run out of

   That lump in the crotch of Lucas' shorts seemed to have gotten even
bigger.  I could see the shape of his cock-shaft plainly through his ratty
old sweat-shorts, and his erection proved he still needed to get off badly.
If he were awake, maybe he would still have real reservations about doing
this.  But right then, he wasn't resisting at all as my hand slid up his
thigh.  I mean, at some level, he had to know it was me touching him, but
every part of his body remained relaxed and limp, except for his stiff
cock, and that told me he was receptive to what was happening.  Maybe he'd
have never let me get this far if I hadn't hypnotized him, but he was
definitely letting me now, and I was ready to go further.

   I concentrated on moving slowly, not doing anything to spook him into
waking up.  I wanted badly to kiss him, but I didn't dare try.  Lucas was
gorgeous, from his shaggy blond hair and beautiful eyes to his powerful
chest and tight abs.  I wasn't about to do anything that would blow this
shot at blowing him.  Slowly, my fingers eased their way to the waistband
of his sweat shorts, as I kept telling him how relaxed he was, how this was
just a dream, a dream that someone beautiful was with him and wanted him. I
hooked my fingers under the elastic of his shorts and boxers and eased the
fronts down together, exposing his dick.  I'd never seen it erect before.
Lucas' cock was long and hard, but not too thick.  Perfect, just like the
rest of him.  I licked the shaft.

   "Mmm ...," he groaned quietly but appreciatively.

   "Shh," I told him.  "Just relax and let it happen.  Let the dream

   My butthole itched for his dick, but I wasn't sure how he'd react if I
went directly to the main event.  Instead, I licked his cock again.  I
slipped the head of it between my lips and took the first couple of inches
into my mouth, working my tongue back and forth along the underside. 
Wrestling his sweat-shorts and boxers was difficult with his body
completely limp like that, but by the time I managed to wiggle his shorts
down to the tops of his thighs, I had his entire cock in my mouth.  Now
that my hands were free, I used one to tease his balls while the other
helped my mouth service his shaft.

   Some part of Lucas was definitely starting to enjoy the attention.  I
pulled my mouth off his cock and gasped for a breath or two.  When I put my
lips around his glans again, his sleep-clumsy hand caressed my head.  I
chuckled around his rod as I wondered who he was dreaming about.  "Suck
...," he mumbled.  "Suck ..." Then he surprised me: his hand clasped my
head and his hips thrust his dick up into my throat.  Tears stung my eyes,
and I almost choked on his massive meat, but I could handle this--I managed
to get control again.  I bobbed my head up and down on his dick.  Lucas
kept making little quiet noises and trying to push my head farther down. 
Soon we both had his dick speared into my throat.  His trimmed bush tickled
my nose.

   I nursed his cock happily for a few minutes.  It was such a pretty dick,
attached to a pretty man, and it deserved every moment of the attention. 
His girlfriend was a fool if she wasn't riding this cock every chance she

   I pulled off his cock.  "Suck ...," he moaned again, sounding
disappointed that my mouth was gone.

   "Just relax, stud.  The dream will continue in just a moment," I assured
him.  I got my shoes and socks and pants off.  I got a condom.  I got my
little bottle of jack-off lube.

   "First, the person has to get you ready.  Just continue to relax and
sleep.  Dream about how good you're going to feel.  This will just take a
moment," I said, as I tore open the condom wrapper and started rolling it
down his shaft.

   I lubed my ass quickly--did a half-assed job of it, no pun intended, but
I was too eager to get his dick inside me.

   I climbed up on his mattress with him and straddled him.  "Are you
ready? Are you ready to fuck a tight hole?"

   "Urrrr ...," he gurgled.  I interpreted that as his subconscious mind's
way of saying *Hell, yeah!*

   Facing him, I crouched over his groin and guided his cock-head to my
hole.  I began to sit.  I wasn't loosened up enough yet, so getting the
head inside my sphincter was tougher than I thought, took a little longer.
I grunted at the pain as it began to ease into me.  But I needed that cock
inside me as much as Lucas needed it inside someone, so I
couldn't--wouldn't--stop now.

   "That's it," I assured him breathlessly as I got used to the sensation
and took another inch.  "Nothing matters except your dick and the ass
you're about to fuck.  Now come on--stick it in."

   As I sank lower, Lucas moved his hips and thrust nearly the whole
remainder of his cock into me.  I yelped in pain.  "Okay," I assured him
after I had a moment to get used to it.  "It's okay; just relax and take it
easy.  I hav--I mean, this person--hasn't done this much.  They're really
tight.  Go ahead now and fuck, but take it easy."

   Lucas slowly worked his hips up and down, making little thrusts that
pushed his cock in and out of my ass.  I could tell some part of him really
wanted to shove it all the way in, but he was too sleep-relaxed to do it
that way.  His cock set my ass on fire, and the fact that it was Lucas
doing this to me set my whole head aflame.  After a couple of thrusts, I
started to relax.  The more I did, the better it felt.  As his dick slid in
deeper, I loosened up more.  Soon, the pain was gone, and only the pleasure

   "Uuugh ...," Lucas moaned blissfully.

   Lucas' cock felt bigger--a lot bigger--than it looked as it slid back
and forth in my ass.  I was glad he wasn't any thicker because I probably
couldn't have handled it.  As it was, I felt like he was shoving a soccer
ball up my ass!  Our strokes were short at first--just an inch or two in,
then out, then a little more in.  My own erection bobbed happily in the air
over his abs, and I didn't dare touch it for fear of shooting immediately.
No, I wanted all of his cock first.  Lucas had one long cock, and it sank
deeper and deeper into my ass, the strokes getting longer.  After what
seemed an eternity, I felt his pubes crush against my butt cheeks and knew
we'd finally fit his whole rod into my butt.

   "Mmmh," hummed Lucas contentedly.

   I was glad he was so into it.  I was more than half-afraid he'd wake up
or something.  Getting fucked by Lucas was the thrill of my life, but I
didn't know how the conscious part of his mind would react.  If he were to
wake up, would he get angry, or would he keep fucking anyway just because
he needed a place to stick his dick?  I made sure to keep telling how
deeply relaxed and deeply asleep he was, to make sure he didn't wake up.

   Lucas kept pulling his cock out slowly, then pushing it in again. 
Whatever he was dreaming, whoever he was dreaming about, he was definitely
into it.  I was definitely getting into getting fucked by his long, sleek
cock.  By now, his strokes brought no hint of pain, just pleasure.  I'd
fantasized about getting fucked more times than I could count, but I'd
never thought I'd make my dreams of getting fucked by Lucas ever come true.
I felt like I was constantly on the verge of cumming.  If I'd known how
good his cock would make me feel, I'd have tried this sooner!  "Fuck me,
Lucas," I hissed.  "Just relax deeply and fuck me hard!"

   The words were barely out of my lips when Lucas rammed his dick deeply
up into my ass, making me grunt.  He'd been just barely keeping himself
under control; now that I'd given him the green light, he plowed my ass
like a rutting animal.  Only that fact that I was on top and could control
how far he thrust inside me kept him from splitting me in half!

   "You fuck like this, and Zinnia doesn't want it?  She's out of her
mind!" I chuckled between moans.

   Lucas didn't answer; he just kept fucking me.

   Lucas was gorgeous.  Every muscle in his body tensed and flexed as he
pumped his cock into my ass.  The way his pecs looked as they worked was
nearly enough to make me shoot.  His torso was magnificent.  I wished that
I could just lick him all over.  His biceps bulged as he held on to my
waist and pushed his hips violently off the bed and slammed his cock into
me.  Lucas wasn't just fucking me with his hips and his dick--he fucked me
with his entire body.

   Lucas gasped and sweated.  My muscles strained to keep me in place. 
Lucas rammed me so hard I had to brace myself to keep from toppling off
him. After a few more minutes we developed a rhythm.  He slammed his cock
up into my ass and I shoved down against him.  We both needed the same
thing--his dick as far up my ass as we could manage, as often as possible.

   I could feel weeks of frustration being released from both of us as
Lucas fucked me.  His body uncoiled the tension it had been carrying,
relaxing and devoting all its power instead to the fuck.  He was pounding
out his aggression.  My own stress was being released as well.  How long
had I wanted this and waited for it?  At last I had his dick up my ass, and
it felt better than I'd ever imagined!

   My hard cock swung between my legs, sometimes smacking his abs on the
down-strokes.  I couldn't touch it, but I didn't need to.  My dick had
never felt better as it throbbed and drooled pre-cum down onto Lucas'
stomach.  Lucas was pushing all my buttons from the inside.  My nuts swung
back and forth, heavy with cream; they had such a huge load built up they
almost hurt.  Looking down at Lucas again sent me over the edge--I threw my
head back, groaned, and blew my load without touching myself.

   My cock fired spurt after spurt of hot jizz across Lucas' chest, in what
had to be nearly the biggest load of my life!

   Halfway through my ejaculation, Lucas made a noise--"Urk!"--and blew his
own load.  His hips pushed and shuddered against my ass as his orgasm
convulsed through him.

   I felt his big dick soften.  When I regretfully lifted my ass up, his
dick slid out of my hole.

   I said, "That was an incredible dream, wasn't it?"

   Lucas groaned in agreement.

   "Just stay deeply asleep, and let the dream fade," I said, as I quickly
pulled on my underwear and pants.  Lucas sighed and lay there peacefully.

   "Just continue to sleep until you're ready to wake up.  Maybe in ten
minutes, maybe longer, but just sleep until you're ready to wake up in your
own time.  You'll feel so refreshed.  Maybe the dream will fade, like they
sometimes do, or maybe you will still be able to remember it.  You can
choose whichever is more comfortable for you."

   I pulled the used condom gently off his softened cock.  I didn't bother
to clean my cum off his chest.  I grabbed a couple of textbooks and crept
to the door.  "Thanks," I whispered to him.  My plan was simple: take a
walk around campus, come back in maybe twenty minutes, as if I was just
getting back from the library and hadn't been there earlier.

   And twenty minutes later, when I got back to our dorm room, that's
exactly the way I played it.

   The sound of me opening the door woke him.  He yawned and stretched.

   "Dude!" I said.

   He looked down, saw his shorts pulled down and the spots across his
torso that could only be spent cum.  "Fuck!" he barked and grabbed his
pillow and covered his crotch with it.

   I made a big show of blocking my eyes and not looking.

   "Sorry," he moaned.  I heard the sound of cloth scrubbing across
skin--likely Lucas was wiping off the cum and tugging his shorts back into
place.  "Okay, you can look now.  Sorry, I must have fallen asleep.  I had
the weirdest fucking dream."

   "I bet," I laughed.  "The aftermath is, like, burned into my retinas,

   "I better go get cleaned up," he said, blushing, as he grabbed his
towel. He pushed past me and headed toward the shower.

   He didn't seem to remember anything that had happened.  But who knew
what would happen when he got back from the shower?  I was supposed to be
spending the evening studying, and I had sure learned two things, one about
Lucas and one about me.  One, I learned Lucas could be hypnotized--quickly
and deeply.  Two: Now that I'd had a taste of Lucas, I learned I definitely
needed to be fucked by him again, and soon.

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