Wednesday, 25 February 2015

True Life Stories (7) by Dylan

I came home one summer night when I was in college, and my 18 year old brother and his friend Ethan had gotten shitfaced on my Dad’s bourbon. They were sprawled out on the 2 sofas in the den, shirtless just wearing shorts. I turned off the TV and shook my brother awake, but he was so out of it, I had to help him to the bathroom, where he took a leak, and then got him to his bed. 

I went back downstairs and stared at Ethan. God he was such a little hottie. Thin waist, just a hint of a 6 pack, nice pecs. Got him up, and with my arm around that hot little waist and my hand on his hard tummy, helped him upstairs. I figured what the hell, might as well see if I can see what he’s packing, so I lead him to the toilet, and holding his hips told him to take a leak. 

He put both arms against the wall, and I slid his shorts down, and told him again. I looked over his shoulder, and see just a perfect long snake dangling there. So I reach my hand around, grabbed it, give it a gentle squeeze, and told him again to piss. He started going, and  just loved holding his meat. He finished, I pulled up his shorts and got him to the guest room. 

He laid down, and as I started to take care of my now raging boner.

 He slurred “That felt good”. 

I stopped but his eyes were shut, and his hand was lightly rubbing his nipple. I sat down, stared at his crotch, and then squeezed it. I asked him if he liked that, and he just moaned. I slipped his shorts off, and started rubbing him, watching it grow and harden. I jerked him, and he never opened his eyes After a couple of minutes his breathing got heavy, his stomach crunched, his hips pushed up, and he spurted onto his stomach 4 goods loads. I grabbed a tissue, cleaned him up, and pulled his shorts back up. Went to my room, and while sniffing his jizz had a great session. 

Next morning my Dad screamed at both of them, then I drove poor hung over Ethan home. 

As he left the car, he said, "Thanks for the handjob”.

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Yuki Snow said...

Hello Justin just wanna ask about where did you get this stories for i am quite interested...
I believe i have read some of the stories but i don't remember where and when...
Hope you could share and thanks in advance