Friday, 13 February 2015

True Life Stories (1) by AnotherJustin85, Austin, Texas

So, this is actually a story about being on the other end ... that is, being the guy getting touched in his sleep. I was always horny these days. I would wake up hard several times a night. One summer night my best friend spent the night at our house. The past couple of times we spent the night together we talked a lot about sex and masturbation and things like that. We never did anything, we just talked about stuff.

This one particular night, it was really hot so we were both sleeping on top of the covers of sleeping bags on the floor just our underwear. At some point in the middle of the night I remember waking up slightly like I often did, throbbing hard and feeling good. If I had been alone and didn't have anyone in the room with me, I would have normally just jerked off real quick and fallen back to sleep, but since my friend was there I just tried to fall back to sleep. 

A couple of minutes later, I was surprised to feel a light stroke over the front of my boxer briefs that went carefully from my balls, up over my shaft, and then lingered over the head of my penis. My dick had never been touched by another person and it felt really different than when I touched it. It felt really exciting and really good. My heart started racing out of excitement. I had always wanted to feel what it would be like for someone else to touch it. 

I was also a little confused because this was my friend. I knew we were both straight (to this day, I know he is) so I was really surprised he was doing this. Part of me was afraid it would make our friendship weird, but it felt so good, I also didn't want him to stop. I was like, "oh shit, we shouldn't do this", but I was also thinking, "please don't stop".

My heart was pounding. I'll never know if he knew I had woken up for sure or not. He seemed confident I was still asleep because he started feeling my dick through my underwear back and forth and squeezing it a bit. In retrospect, it's really interesting to me because I know now, after being with girls always since, that a guy definitely knows exactly what feels good to another guy because he was doing everything in a way that felt incredible. Like, I could tell that I was being touched by someone who knew where it felt best to be touched on the penis.

Anyway, this all transpired really fast (in about a minute and a half) because I got really excited. I really didn't want to cum because I didn't want him to know I was awake and I didn't want to know I liked it. He probably stroked me over my underwear for 20 seconds and then he carefully, with kinda shaky hands, pulled my waistband up, and down, and hooked it right under my balls just like I would have.(Again, interesting because a guy knows how this works, a girl doesn't.)

The feeling of my penis being released in the open and being seen by someone was a crazy intense feeling. I could feel it throbbing wildly. And then I felt his surprisingly soft hand gently circle and lightly stroke up and down my dick. He did this just two times, then grabbed hold in just the right spot, squeezed lightly and perfectly, and began to actually jerk me off. I could hear him breathing hard and so was I. I tried really hard to fight it in my mind and think about other things, but in less than 10 seconds or so I came what felt like buckets of cum. I felt it hit my chin, my pillow, and all over my chest. Another thing interesting about a guy doing this is that he knew exactly how to keep stroking in the middle without touching the head so I could enjoy the stroking right through the orgasm, just like I would for myself. Every girl has messed this up.

Anyway, he pulled my underwear back up quickly. I heard him jerk off and cum in about 10 seconds as well. I just laid there a little freaked out, but feeling really, really good. I fell asleep quickly. I feel kind of bad for not returning the favor, but it was probably better that way.

I'm so hard now from writing this.

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