Saturday, 14 February 2015

True Life stories (4) by Andrew Lubbock, Texas

I'm 18 and gay. My best friend's is a girl and her older brother who is 21 is so sexy to me. The trouble is. he's straight. The kind of straight guy that's uncomfortable with gay guys.

One night I was staying at her house and we were drinking. When I get I really drunk I need to suck some dick. Everyone went to sleep and it was like 5:30 AM. I continued drinking alone and was getting horny. Her brother was sleeping on the couch, and I don't know what I was thinking, I could've gotten killed by him. He's very violent but I knew he had drinking a lot and had smoked a ton of weed, so I knew he was gone and in deep sleep. So I walked to him, and tried to nudge him a little to see if he'd wake up. He wouldn't. Then I put my hand under his blanket, and touched his junk over his jeans. I slowly unbuttoned & unzipped them. I put my hand on his dick, boxers still on. My heart was beating so hard and fast. He was still sound asleep. I moved my hand under his boxer shorts, and grabbed his cock. It felt soft and average size. I couldn't feel his balls. I guessed they were pretty big and low. I was so horny at this point and I pull his boxers up, and pulled his dick out of the little slit in them. Then I put my mouth on it and just start sucking. He stayed soft for a bit. Then he suddenly turned on his back. I got so scared. My mouth stayed on his dick. Then I heard him breathing heavily. Like how guys sound when they get head. That excited me, since it sounded like he was awake and letting it happen.

Then he got really fucking hard in my mouth and he pushed his body up, so his dick could go deeper in my mouth. While he did that, he grabbed the back of my head pushed it down on his cock, really hard. I'm going to add that it was pitch black dark in this room. So we couldn't see each other, and I also had really long hair at the time. There were two other friends that stayed there that were girls. Maybe he thought I was one of them? Or maybe he was just so gone that he was just going with it. Anyway. He kept his hand on the back of my head while I deep-throated his huge dick. It was so big and then he started to softly play with my hair while I kept sucking him. It was pretty hot. He stared to tighten up his body, I knew he was about to cum. So I sucked faster. He came in the back of throat. I swallowed it all and I kept sucking after it. He then pulled up his pants and rolled back over to continue sleeping. Now I don't know if he was just thinking it was a dream, or what, but I know he would never do anything with a guy. I'm just so lucky and happy I did it.

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