Saturday, 14 February 2015

True Life Stories (5) by Adam, Manchester UK.

A while ago I had four friends stay at mine, all in one room. One was on a sofa, one in a sleeping bag, one in a chair and one on a blow up bed, I was sleeping on loads of double quilts on the floor.

We'd all gone to sleep and at like 2 in the morning one of my friends, Luis, who was on a blow up bed by the couch, got accidentally kicked by someone and woke up. I woke up and asked what was wrong, He said he couldn't sleep there and as there wasn't anywhere else he lay down next to me and fell asleep straight away. About five minutes later he rolled over and ended up half on top of me. I asked him to move but he was still sleeping, so I gently pushed him next to me. I pulled up the cover to see where he was and saw that he was hard. He was only wearing tight boxers (which he'd borrowed from me) and it was obvious he was in the middle of a wet dream. He let out quiet moans as his cock twitched.

I pulled him closer and straddled him. He was sleeping heavily as we'd been up the previous night. I pulled down his boxers and began to fiddle with his cock. He had a lot of foreskin and wasn't fully erect so I swirled my fingers around inside his skin and played with his balls until he was. I leaned over and began to lick his lips and tongue him as I slowly pumped him. I licked his bare chest and nipples and then his slit. He came into my hands and I then knelt over him and wanked, using his cum as lube, I came onto his cock and abs and I rubbed it over him. I wiped my cock and hands on the inside of the boxers he had on and pulled them up on him.

I rolled back over and a few minutes later, when another of my friends coughed, he woke up. I was facing him now and I opened one eye to look. He was wiping my cum on his hands, thinking it was his own, and eating it. He was already hard again and he quietly got up and walked into the bathroom. I got up and went over to the door, I went in and saw him sitting on the toilet wanking, stared at me and said he'd had a wet dream and was cleaning up. I said sorry and left. He never knew!

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