Wednesday, 25 February 2015

True life Stories (6) by Heller

Me and my cousin have fun all the time now . He knew I was gay and I was asleep and I woke up with him asleep too but his hand was in my compression shorts. Talk about caught..... 

When I actually realized that I was getting hard over it,  I carefully put my hand down in his briefs and slowly stroked him and he started light moans so I pulled my hand out and licked my finger and started rubbing it on his hole and he moaned more. It was kinda obvious he was awake and as his hole loosened up I stuck it in slowly and eventually worked up to two fingers.

The whole time I was doing it he was just slightly playing with me trying to pretend to be asleep. As I did that he shot his load in his briefs so I moved them out so I could lick it up and I also put a little on my finger for lube for my fingers and he kept moaning and I finally came and shot it on his stomach. I licked all his cum off of him and pretended to sleep and waited for him to think I was asleep and when he did he started wiping my cum off and swallowed it.

 When I woke up that morning and went in the kitchen my brother was passed out drunk on the couch with a major Boner. He was about 9 inches hard and he was fuckin hot as hell!! I knew he was a super heavy sleeper when he's drunk and would sleep through a hurricane and earthquake... So I slowly went over and undid his jeans and pulled his cock out of the flap of his boxers and slowly stroked it watching for him to wake up. I slowly started going faster until I was beating his cock pretty hard just like he does it to himself. Within a few minutes he started to shoot so I took his cock as far down my throat as I could and he shot his load in my mouth and swallowed all of it.... I zipped him up, got up and gave him a kiss on the cheek and left back to the room. He's never suspected a thing.

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