Friday, 13 February 2015

True Life Stories

I came across a number of true life experiences on a human sexuality forum. Some were very short, some way too young and some quite boring but I have managed to collect a few of the more erotic ones to offer to a wider audience, mainly you!

These stories were almost anonymous in that there were no contact details for the authors so to at least respect the copyright I have printed all the details I have of each author and the copyright remains there's. If anyone finds there story here and doesn't want it to be published on this blog, I will remove it without hesitation as I have no wish to offend or to "steal" anyone's copyright but I hope anyone finding their story here is as excited as I would be to find it being read by like minded individuals. I would always be happy to hear from you too.

I need to tidy the layout up a bit so will be posting over the next few days.


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