Sunday, 17 May 2015

After the Gathering by Yellowfeaver

After the Gathering

It was the night of a family gathering and J and few of his buddies had stayed over at my place cause we still had lots of beer left over. J said that he hadn't had beer for awhile so he drank quite a lot that night. About a hour or two afterwards he was tired and fell asleep on the sofa. It was around 3 or 4am before else everyone finally left.

J was knocked out and he lived pretty close too so his buddy decided to just let him sleep over in my house for the night. As soon as everyone left, I went to sit next to his side. I was in-awe to have J sleeping in my place and all to myself.  I slowly laid my hand on his cock. He was wearing jeans and a button t-shirt. The instant I rested on his cock, it grew.

I continued to squeeze him and his cock grew bigger. As I was about to unzip his jeans, his cell rang. I jumped and backed away as fast as I could but to my surprise, he was still out cold despite the loudness of his ring tone. After the ringing stopped, I waited a few minutes before squeezing his cock again. His phone rang four more times but he was still asleep. Finally when his phone ring again, I took his phone out from his shirt's pocket and hid it under the sofa. It was his wife calling but I didn't care cause I knew that he was out cold so I didn't want to waste any more time.

 I quickly unzipped his jeans and reach down to pull his 7' cock out. It was semi-hard but as soon as I put my watery mouth on it, He instantly got hard. I started out slow then speeded up while gripping him firmly. His pre-cum was leaking like an ice cream melting on a hot Summer day. It tasted sweeter than ever. J fidgeted few times but never did woke up. After 10 to 15 minutes into blowing, deep throat, and teasing his hard cock his left arm fell to the side of the sofa. I was startled but I knew it was still okay.

I moved in a little closer so that my cock would be resting on his left hand and within minutes, his hand was slowly caressing on my cock. I was wearing basketball shorts so when he started to caress me, I instantly got even more turned on and started to leak. As I was stroking him, his hand was stroking and tugging on the head of my wet cock. I stroked him harder and suddenly he moved and woke up! I backed away as fast as I could.

He then said "You're doing this again!? GET on your knees!"

 I was shocked but I also knew what it meant so I crawled over to his side and started to blow him. To my surprise, he didn't stop me or beat the shit out of me. Instead, he was forcing me to deep throat him! No words could describe the sensation I was feeling. All those fantasies about what I want to do to J couldn't compare to what he was allowing and doing to me! He was fucking my face while laying down on the sofa. I was gagging but his cock never left my mouth. Then he grabbed his cock and start to stroke it faster. I knew he was near his climax so I then took control and pushed his hand away and sucked his cock faster and harder. Suddenly a burst of warm cum flowed inside my mouth. I didn't swallow it this time.  Instead I quickly ran to the bathroom and spit it all out into a water bottle. As soon as I came back, He had already zipped himself back up and was heading out the door. I then lay on where he was sleeping and jerk myself and busted an amazing nut.

To those who are curious to what happen to the bottle of J's cum....I still have it till this day as a keepsake.

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