Saturday, 26 September 2015

Eposed by Hammerdog

EXPOSED by Hammerdog

I saw you standing over me. Though you thought I was asleep
Twas my plan for me to see if you would actually take a peek.
With my boxers pulled up tight, I made sure my thighs were wide spread,
And the leg hole I arranged just right so you could see from overhead.

My penis was hard, but not because it was becoming morn.
Nor did I have to piss at all that made my limp a horn.
But to reveal my cock and balls to my best friend's sexy dad.
What made my dick so stiff, was the thought that you'd be bad.

I could tell you wanta touch it, through my peeking eyelids, see.
And I thought, when your head came so close, you would fulfill my fantasy.
It's really quite a surprise and delight to see a man so cute.
To be looking so intently, at my stirring boyhood salute.

I would pretend to not wake up, if you decided to partake.
I'd let you stroke my throbbing cock, and squeeze my nuts that ache.
There'd be nothing sweeter, then to fell my peter slide across you lips, I confess .
I was hoping you would not be afraid, to fondle, stroke, and corers.

But to my deep disappointment, I was sorry to see you retreat.
I wanted, for you, my cum to spew. You would have thought It quite a treat.
But I now do know, you admire me so, your son's friendly young horny lad.
I'll make sure that I show, my desire below, to you, my friend's sexy dad.