Monday, 12 October 2015

One Time

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one time

My best friend in HS was on the wrestling team.
I became his opponent when we would wrestle at home all the time.
We’d get to the point of both of us sweating all over until one of us pinned the other.
I loved having him press his body up against mine during these moves.
I would grind on him some too. 
We always did this with clothes on and Jim always came across as str8.
We both had girl friends who were best friends with each other too.
We would go out together all the time and party together.
Jim loved to drink but couldn’t hold his booze too good.
He passed out cold all the time.
So one night I decided to creep on him as he was passed out cold.
I grabbed his cock thru his jeans and gently squeezed. He didn’t move or change his slight snoring.
I unbuttoned his jeans and peeled down the zipper.
I pulled his jeans open and down a little until I could see his bulge in his white briefs.
I reached down and played rubbed his cock with my fingers thru his underwear.
I grabbed his balls and moved them around a little.
Then I got bolder and pulled the waist band of his underwear away from his body.
I could see his bush and his soft cock.
He had no shirt on and his chest was gently rising and falling as he breathed.
I pulled the underwear down and held it there when I reached for his cock with my other hand.
I gently stroked his soft cock with my thumb and 2 fingers.
He got semi hard and I leaned down and sucked his cock.
It really didn’t get hard but I loved sucking on it and I kissed his balls.
Jim was out cold and his cock would not really get hard.
I was hard as a rock and was stroking my cock.
I reached down and grabbed Jim’s hand with mine and used his hand to stroke my hard on.
I also turned around and used his hand on my ass.
That’s when I shot my load. 
Jim never woke up. I kissed his cock head one more time and buttoned him back up.
I messed around with him several times when he was passed out.
He never really got a hard on though - cause he was shit face drunk passed out.
A few years later… when Jim had broken up with his GF, we went camping and ended up wrestling around our big tent completely naked. 
That’s another story.

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Poundpup said...

Cool you write very well...
I used to play with drunk guys at our local motel pool wen j worked there wen I was 11 er 12..thanks fer bin here!!