Friday, 13 May 2016

Fondling my Friend's Dad by Yellowfeaver

Fondling my friend’s dad by
Yellowfeaver Anchorage AK

This is a story about how I fondled my friend's dad. Lets called him J.

It was summer. One night we had all been drinking and I was sleeping on the sofa at my friend's house. It was probably 2 or 3am in the morning. I got up that night to pee. As I was heading from the doorway to the bathroom, I notice J was sleeping with his kids. He wasn't sleeping with his wife that night. I had been noticing J’s big package for a while and that night  wanted to see just how big it really was.

Instead of heading back to the sofa, I went to the room where J was sleeping. I slowly crawled towards the bed side. J was wearing his sporting shorts. I slowly placed my hand on his cock. To my surprise he was semi-hard. I crested his cock back and forth as he was still sound asleep. His dick pulsed so I quickly pulled back and hid myself in the dark. I waited for a few minutes before repeating it, and then I became bolder and slowly slid my hand under his shorts. J was still sound asleep. My hand was now inside his shorts massaging his cock through his underwear. His cock pulsed more and more with each stroke. I wanted to see just how big it was so I slowly pulled his underwear away and letting his dick pop out. It was a good thick 6' or 7' uncut. I had never seen a cock that big and this close. I pulled away again as I was afraid J might wake up. He still seemed knocked out.

I thought, “This might be my only chance,” so didn't wait so long this time.

I quickly put my warm mouth over his hard cock and there were no words to express what I felt. I continued to suck on him, switching between giving him a hand job to giving him a blow job. His cock seemed to get bigger and bigger and was pulsing every time I went down on him. Then I tasted something I had never tasted before, precum. I was in heaven. I continued to suck him and swallowed his precum.

Suddenly his snoring stopped and I had to take a break. I looked at J and his face was pretty red.

I thought, "Damn, he’s a pretty deep sleeper, I wonder if I could get him to cum for me?"

I waited about 5 to 10 minutes before fondling J again. He had turned on his side facing me. His cock was hanging out but had returned to being soft.  I crawled towards J and slowly licked the head of his dick and within seconds, he was aroused and big again. The way he was sleeping, it wasn't comfortable enough to give him a blow job so I was just wanking him slowly instead. I played around the head and stroked him all the way towards his shaft and then back up. I did this for a couple more times and each time would use more pressure on the tip and head of his cock. The tip and top of it was pretty red and then I noticed precum was dripping out of his piss slit. His snoring had stopped but I didn't stop or pull away this time and instead I watched his face. It got redder and redder as I was stroking him harder and harder. His breathing became more laboured and I looked at my hand as I was still jerking him. My hand was covered with his copious precum and his cock was fully erect.  I knew he was near his climax.

I stroked his cock faster and faster and squeezed the head harder and harder. He inhaled one last time and grunted as he blew his huge load on the bed side. I pulled my hand away as a stream of cum flew out from his cock.

I thought,  "Oh shit! oh shit! I’ve just made my friend's dad cum for me?"

After all his jizz came out, I licked it all up. As I touch the head of his cock, J was flinching as it was sensitive!. I was in awe that I just gave my friend's dad a hand and blow job and was able to make him bust a huge nut on the bed while he was still sleeping. I watched his cock slowly deflating before covering his cock with his shorts. I gave it a kiss and slowly crawled out the room and back to the sofa. I jerked myself off afterwards and fell asleep.

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