Thursday, 9 June 2016

Alfonso by Zadok NY

Zadok – NY

Last night my friend Alfonso stayed over at my house. He asked me if I would get him a drink and I said I would so I went into the cabinet and took two of my mum’s sleeping pills and crushed them up and put the powder in the glass and filled it with water and I started to mix it in. After a while I went back to the room we were in and I gave him his water. A few minutes after he passed out and I carried him to the guest room and laid him on the bed. I when to the bathroom to get some wipes to wash his body, when I got back to his room I slowly untied his shoes and took them off, then I took of his socks and started to wipe off his feet the I took of his pants and underwear and wiped of his dick and legs then I took of his shirt and wiped of his chest and face. After I finished wiping him off I started to make out with him and I licked his tongue and lips and kissed his cheeks. Then I played with his feet and sucked on his toes for a little bit. Then I moved on to his 4 inch cock and sucked on it for a really long time which made him hard. Then after a while I felt his penis twitch and he started to cum in my mouth, which tasted really sweet and amazing. While sucking him off I started to cum on his stomach. After I licked my cum off him I flipped him over and lubed up his ass with my cum and I started to give him anal. Around 3 I flipped him over again and started to put my cock in his mouth and after a while I came in his mouth. Then when I was finished I lifted him up, put him on the floor, pulled down the covers and then lifted him up again and put him on the bed then I pulled the covers up and kissed him on the forehead and I left and went to sleep. In the morning after he woke up he asked why he woke up feeling sticky and why he was naked, I just said that he probably took off his clothes himself and had a wet dream and that was the end of the conversation. He never knew!!!

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