Thursday, 9 June 2016

Turkish delight by Sheeshahush - Hanoi

Sheeshahush - Hanoi

Turkish delight

I’m preserving anonymity, but everything here is real. It happened in North America in a dorm. It was the dead of night but there was light from our window. He was from Europe, half Turkish, and had this handsome, exotic look. Skinny but not skin & bones. Just the right build from a typical, sexy 19yo. His gf was back home but will meet up with him. Our beds were side by side so we became friends. We'd hang, drink, smoke pot. I was in bed early while he came late night stoned. He undressed to his boxers, as usual. In no time, snoring. Everyone was asleep. Guy on his top bunk, drunk every night, snoring like crazy. Guy beside me, snoring the loudest, also drunk every night. Guy on top of him always faced away. The girl on top of me, I waited till she was faced the other way too.

It was a long sleepless night for me with lots of waiting and patience, but lots of excitement too! From the light glow coming in, he looked so good. Smooth chest with a little fuzz. Had to feel it. I was so nervous, my heart was going a mile a minute. I kept warming my fingers as I felt like they were too cold. First, the peach fuzz below his navel. Very tentative of course, felt it then got braver when his breathing didn't change. I eventually felt his chest, abs, nips. So good! Warm & baby smooth. Silk boxers! I had easily bunched it up his right thigh. Just feeling that depression line between his upper thigh & balls felt so good already. It was warm and so close to his goods.

I mustered the courage to slip some fingers to feel his balls. It felt so good! Smooth, soft, warm and heavy. Tickled it a bit, feeling his low hanging, big nuts. I cupped his balls for a while and just enjoyed the feel and weight of them on my palm. Slowly slid up my fingers towards his shaft. I played there for a bit. He was still very soft but already quite plump. It was nice to gently wrap my fingers on his soft, plump cock. With my thumb and index finger, I played with his foreskin then up & down his head. After some time I could feel him growing. He had a semi and I wanted to taste it! Took his cock and balls out of the leg. It was a sight to behold. So pretty. I wasted no time so leaned in and started licking the head and skin. My eyes were peeking at his face and chest for signs of him waking. My right hand ready on his blanket to cover his crotch fast. I licked and tasted. It was so good. I wrapped my lips on his cock head, my tongue inside his skin, licking his piss slit and circling around. I started, gently sucking. The best part was easily deep-throating his soft, semi. I went all the way to the base and could still stick my tongue out to lick some part of his balls. I dunno how long I was doing this but eventually I noticed he was rock hard!

I was scared so let go. I straightened but still kneeling beside him I watched his dick hard and throbbing along with his soft balls. Still watching his face & breathing, nothing seemed to change. I was afraid he might be awake so waited a moment but he still seemed to be asleep. I thought that either he was awake, pretending to be asleep and he's enjoying this, the ultimate fantasy, or he's passed out due to the pot but his body is still responding to the sensations I'm giving him. Either way, I continued. If he's awake and he knows and had not punched me by now, then let me enjoy this and give him the pleasure he seems to be lapping up. If he's still passed out but can get hard, why should I stop now? His bone goes straight up, no curving. The base is thick and tapers toward the head. It's a decent 6.5 or 7 incher & the girth is proportional. It's pinkish despite his more tanned complexion. I went straight back to it & sucked with gusto. Sucked real good this time but still not as vigorous in case he's still sleeping and was clueless. Got to the point that he was so rock hard and pulsing. I stopped, slightly scared again. As much as I wanted him to cum, I'm quite sure that it would wake him and I'd be dead! So I stopped, covered him with his blanket and went back to my bed. Maybe 5-10 mins later, I was at it again until he throbs. Back to bed I went & waited. Then back to his cock again. This went on all night until early morning, I sadly had to stop. The next day, we hang as usual and he seemed oblivious to the previous night’s session.

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