Sunday, 14 August 2016

True Story - Best Friend Stays Over by User111

A year or two ago I had this one friend who was 18 and I was 17. He'd always come over to my house and we'd play video games most of the time. He was extremely good looking and I had had a crush on him for a good 5 or 6 years. Short dirty blond hair that was always styled, beautiful sun kissed skin and a really good physique, since he played football every year he had a fit footballer's body. He hit puberty much harder than what I did, since he almost had a beard and I hadn't had a single bit of facial hair grow yet.
A lot of the time he stayed the night at my place. One weekend I was home alone and he arrived without me knowing. Since it was in the summer he was wearing clothes that exposed quite a bit of his body: a thin white t-shirt and light green shorts that went down to the top of his knee (his legs were my favourite part about him). To my surprise, he snuck a few beers from his place. Out of a six pack of beers he drank five while I had one, so he was extremely drunk. We'd continue playing the game until he'd start playfully shoving me. I shoved back and we were laughing a lot, until suddenly he fell limp and passed out. And there he was, a hot stud lying passed out on my bed. I realised this was my chance to feel this hot boy up, so I didn't hesitate. I started to rub his body through his shirt and I looked up to see a reaction, and I almost had a heart attack. He was starting right at me! I immediately stopped but he didn't seemed phased at all.

That night we decided to go to bed at around 1 AM. I slept in a shirt and long pants while he stripped down to his underwear and went under the covers on his mattress on the floor. And hour passed and I was still awake, but he wasn't. He was completely out of, snoring so loud that I wouldn't have been surprised if the neighbors heard him. I turned on the light and saw him lying there face up, the covers blown fully off of him exposing his chiseled body. I couldn't wait.

I got out of my bed and knelt down next to the passed out hunk. I began to rub, squeeze and fondle his chest and nipples. I leaned in closer until the small chest hairs tickled my face. I started to lick his nipples, but I wanted more. To ensure that he was passed out, I lightly moved his arm up and let it drop. I did this a few more times and then I lightly slapped his face. No response. I knew from then on this would be a night to remember.

I wanted his body so bad that I mounted him so I was sitting on his cock hidden by his grey briefs, and to my surprise he was rock hard. That son of bitch was loving this! It made me so happy! While sitting on top him I caressed his body even more while I leaned in to his face. Still snoring extremely loud, his breath reeked of alcohol. I put my lips up against his and pressed. He tasted so good. I move on to his neck and started to get a bit aggressive, leaving a tiny love bite on his neck.

I moved to his arms, squeezing his biceps and moving his arms to various flexing positions. Seeing him on the football field made me so hard since he used his strong arms and legs frequently. I smelt his armpits and the deodorant smell turned me on even more. His legs and feet were next. I shuffled down to the end of the mattress and his big feet were in front of my face. I smelt licked and massaged them for about ten minutes, then I moved upwards to his strong hairy calves, knees and thighs.

Then finally, I got to his mysterious package that has been hidden from me for all these years. I lightly pulled back the grey briefs and saw his recently trimmed pubes drenched in cum. He really was loving this! I wrapped my hand around his stuff dick and jacked him for another ten minutes.

But that's when I stopped, because I looked at the window and realised the sun was slowly rising. I thought I better stop before he recovers fully. I pulled his briefs back up and hopped back into my bed and drifted back to sleep.

It's been a few months since I've seen him now that we're both working part time. We still talk every now and then, and now that he's doing work that requires heavy lifting, he's going to the gym, and playing football again, he is becoming more and more hot as time goes by. He must know now that I touched him. He is straight but perhaps he is curious. He often exclaims to me how big his muscles are getting and being such a big tease.

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