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Straight Guy Accidentally Fucked by His Best Friend's Younger Brother Part 1 by J. A. Cole

These two stories were taken from Nifty and are published here for your pleasure. I am looking for part 2 of the 2 parter and if I find it I will publish. The copyright to these stories remains with the writer J. A Cole and I thank him for writing these two erotic stories.


Straight Guy Accidentally Fucked by his Best Friend's Younger Brother - Part 1 of 2

The following story is an original work of fiction, although real events

from my life serve as inspiration none of the actions, dialogue, or sexual

actsdescribed occurred. Any similarities to real events, persons, or

locations past, present, or future are entirely coincidental. This story

describes actsof an adult, sexual nature. If you are under the age of

majority designated bythe legal authority where you live, typically 18 or

21 years of age, you are hereby advised that you are prohibited from

continuing to access this site or fictional work, continuing beyond this

point is illegal and could potentiallysubject you to criminal and/or civil

liability. This story includes acts of ahomosexual nature between

consenting adults. If such subject matter is morally, ethically, or

personally objectionable to you do not continue beyond thispoint. For

readers who have made it thus far, I hope you enjoy.

Part 1 of 2

Written by J A Cole - 7 April 2017

When I was in my late 20s the company I worked for transferred me from

the US to Europe. Having been born and living thus far in America I had no

friends in Europe before I relocated. Knowing how America is often viewed

outside of the States I was apprehensive but since I wasn't dating and had

no children I couldn't pass on an opportunity to spend some time living in

Europe before I settle down, married a nice girl, and started a family.

Three weeks later I'm living in a foreign country far away from my friends

and family.

The first day of work at my new office I met the members of the team I would

be working on, several of whom were guys around my age, single, from various

European countries. One of my teammates, Kristof, who grew up in East

Germany was easy going and very friendly. Quickly we realized that we had a

lotof interests in common and enjoyed a lot of the same recreational

activities. A friendship formed quickly and we started hanging out after

work even and socializing with the same general group of mutual friends and

taking several vacations together. Kristof was in a long term, long distance

relationship witha girl from his hometown in East Germany and most weekends

he would travel back to visit and spend time with her.

About a year after we became friends Kristof invited me to come along on

one of his long weekend trips home as his parents were having a big summer

party at their place that weekend. Most of his childhood friends would be

attending, a lot of his extended family, including his younger brother who

would be home for a visit as well. He told me it would be a good

opportunity to meet his friends and family and see his country, which I

hadn't visited so far. He also hinted that there were a lot of exotic

single women who would be around as well. I quickly agreed and a few weeks

later I was meeting his parents and seeing the house he grew up in. The

morning of the party Kristof's younger brother, by 2 years, Markus,


Markus, was a police officer and lived in a nearby city with his new wife

who couldn't come this trip because it was a busy time for her job and she

couldn't get the time off. Although they resembled each other enough to see

that they were clearly brothers, being a cop Markus spent a lot of time

weight lifting. Markus was much bulkier than his lean older brother, was a

few inches shorter, and like their father, who Markus took after, was a lot

hairier than Kristof.

The three of us spent the morning helping setup for the party that night

but by mid-afternoon the summer weather was stifling and we took a break to

take advantage of the in-ground pool his parents had. Being stereotypical

straight guys the three of us changed into our swim trunks in the same

room. As we changed, typical sideways comparisons and glances occurred.

Glancing briefly in his direction, it was clear that Markus was a lot

hairier all over his body than Kristof, or me for that matter as Kristof

and I had similar amounts of body hair. Markus on the other hand was

covered in coarse curly, slightly reddish blonde hair the same color as the

hair on his head. His chest, underarms, and legs were covered in a thick,

dense coat. In fact, the only part of him that wasn't hairy that I could

see was his back where there was only had a small, light patch which

started right above, and disappearing into, the waist of his shorts. As he

turned away from me and bent over to pick up his discarded clothes the

other major physical difference between Markus and Kristof stoodout. Markus

had what is normally on a girl referred to as a "bubblebutt". Obviously,

all that weight lifting had really built up the muscles in his ass, to the

point that it was probably the envy of most women who saw it.

After a refreshing dip in the pool Kristof and I went to pick up his

girlfriend up for the party. By the time, we made it to her place and

returned other people had begun to arrive. The evening past quickly and I

met quite afew of Kristof's friends. One of his friends, Kate and I hit it

off and we spent a lot of the party talking and even making out heavily

towards the end ofthe night. She was exactly my type and I was even hopeful

that things might gofurther but when I suggested that we go somewhere more

private as the party began to wind down. At which point she told me that

she had to be at work early the next morning and, since she lived a couple

hours away, and it was already getting late, she had to leave. On the plus

side, we exchanged numbers and she asked for a raincheck for next time but

it wasn't exactly the end of the evening I was hoping for. Shortly after

seeing Kate off Kristof and Markus told me that a couple of their other

friends, Matt and Lukas who were brothers, had invited us to their place to

hang out after the party. When we got to their house they had a real nice

rec room with a pool table, beer on tap, and giant plasma screens.

Telling us to help ourselves to beer Lukas disappeared for a few

minutesbefore coming back with a bag of weed left over from a party a few

weeks ago.None of us consumed on a regular basis and this was really, high

quality hydroponicbud so we were all nicely stoned after our first joint

and, as the evening woreon, between games of pool, more beer, and more

joints we were all feeling nopain. Eventually it started to get late and

Kristof's girlfriend, who wasspending the night at Kristof's parent house,

called and asked if he was comingsoon. Kristof and I decided to leave but

Markus wasn't ready to end the night soKristof and I headed back to his

parent's and Markus stayed behind. When we gotback to his parent's his mom

had put Kristof and his girlfriend in his old roomand Markus and I, since

his wife wasn't around, would share the guest roomwhich had a queen size

bed. As I was still quite buzzed from the beer and weedI quickly said

goodnight, headed to my room, stripped down to my briefs, as itwas a really

warm summer night and his parent house had no A/C, before climbinginto bed

and immediately falling to sleep.

Sometime later I awoke to a lot of whispered cursing and a very messed

up Markus who could barely stand and was having problems managing

enough coordination to strip down to his briefs while remaining upright. He

offered a slurred apology when he realized he had woken me and after a

couple more tries managed to undress. He stumbled into bed next to me and

both of us were asleep soon thereafter. I awoke later while it was still

dark and quiet and at first I wasn't sure why. I could hear Markus snoring

lightly next to me but nothing else.After a few seconds though I realized a

few things were weird. First, and most obvious was that at some point while

sleeping, I had turned on my side away from Markus and in his sleep he had

ended up spooning me and one of his beefy musculararms was draped across my

chest. I figured in his subconscious state he had probably mistaken me for

his wife who would normally be the one sleeping next to him. It was then

that I also realized that I could feel a dull burning sensation radiating

from my ass, along with the feeling that I had to take a major shit.

In our current position, I couldn't really move with Markus spooning me, his

arm firmly holding me against him. As the feeling of having to shit

seemed quite urgent I clamped down the muscles of my hole, as immobile or

not there was no way that I wanted to have an accident before I managed to

extricate myself from Markus. However, as soon as I clamped down on my hole

Markus'steady, soft snoring abruptly stopped as he softly moaned in his

sleep.Instantly the full reality of the situation dawned on me. The burning

and fullsensation in my ass wasn't because I had to shit but rather because

at some point in our sleep, the back of my underwear and the front of

Markus' briefs had worked their way down from their normal position at our

waist to our upper thigh and Markus had what all guys from puberty on

periodically possess, a nocturnal hard-on, a.k.a morning wood. After we

ended up spooning, Markus'erection must have lodged in my ass crack before

the combo of night sweat and pre-cum made it slick enough to slide to where

it currently resided, balls deep inside of me.

This new reality was not something I had ever thought would occur. Up

until now, besides a couple times mutually masturbating with my best friend

in ourearly teens after we discovered his Dad's hidden porn stash, I had

never had any sort of sexual experience with a guy or had even been curious

of being witha guy. As far as I was concerned I was totally straight and

had never been attracted to guys at all. Even more than that I had zero

interest in ass play,even when a past girlfriend tried to convince me of

the benefits. Up until waking a minute ago I had never had anything, not

even a finger, in my until very recently, completely straight virgin

ass. Now I was suddenly faced with anew reality, no matter what happened

from this point on, my anal virginity was in the past and I was now a guy

who has had another guy's hard penis up his bum; a reality that I

immediately wanted to address.

At this point I begin gently tapping on Markus' arm and quietly calling

his name. I was simultaneously trying to wake Markus while not making enough

noise to wake Kristof who was sleeping just a thin wall away in the room

next door asI really did not want my friend to witness his brother fucking

me in the ass.After a few seconds Markus, half awake and still pretty high,

asked what I wanted. I quickly explained the situation and initially it

didn't seem to sink in or maybe in his sleepy, drugged state he thought I

was making a joke or teasing him. Not really knowing what else to do in his

altered state I tensed the muscles in my ass again briefly, figuring that he

should be able to feel it even in his current semi awake state. Immediately

another involuntary moan came from Markus and his arm immediately tensed

around my chest. Coming mostly awake Markus urgently whispered to "freeze

and not move". As we lay theremotionless he quickly explained that he had

almost cum just now. Apparently being buried to the root, balls deep in my

nearly virgin tight ass, my muscle contractions felt like his erection was

being milked and, even the realization that he was fucking a guy who was one

of his brother’s close straight friends without his consent, wasn't enough to

prevent him from nearly going over the edge.

Hearing this I immediately froze, since as bad as the current situation

already was, the thought of him shooting his load deep in my guts, coating

my insides was worse. After half a minute or so Markus relaxed a bit as the

danger of his orgasm passed. After warning me that he was going to start to

pull out I felt his fat, uncut, raw German cock start to pull out. However,

a soon as he began to move I felt a sharp cramp deep in my guts. I

immediately reached behind, my hand clamping down on one of Markus' muscular

hairy ass cheeks stopping himfrom moving any further while simultaneously

the muscles in my ass tensed tightly, the cramping causing involuntarily

spasms. Behind me a sharp, gasp andthe tensing of his entire body told me

that once again Markus was on the edge of cumming in my ass. I quickly

whispered an explanation and, after a brieftime had passed with neither of

use moving a muscle the cramps and muscle spasms in my ass went away and

hole relaxed its death grip on Markus' pulsing erection. Behind me Markus

sighed with relief and both of us relaxed a little although it was several

minutes this time before Markus let me know that heagain had managed not to

cum although he didn't think he would be able to stop if that happened


At this point neither of us were sure how to proceed since we had

no experience with this sort of situation. After a short silence while we

both tried to think how we might get out of this Markus began to apologize

saying how sorry he was and how badly he felt for not only fucking me

without my consent but for taking my anal virginity and hurting me. Although

I was not at all happy about the situation and was still having trouble

wrapping my head aroundthe reality that a hard dick was sunk almost

entirely up my previously virgin ass I had no reason to suspect that Markus

had knowingly raped or decide to puthis cock in me. In fact, it was obvious

from his initial reaction that he wasn'teven aware of where his cock was

before I woke him. As far as I could see this had happened accidentally

while we both slept, an unusual and rare but possible random outcome. So,

when he finished his apology, I let him know my thoughts on what had

happened, telling him not to feel guilty about something that

happened without his awareness while sleeping.

After another short period of silent furiously thinking trying to figure the

best way out of this Markus shifted slightly which changed the angle

that his cock was at inside of me. All of the sudden a wave of pleasure hit

me and,without any prompting, my dick went from what had been, up until

this point, a normal flaccid 4 inches to a rock hard 7+ inches. Pre-cum

began to flow free from my bell-end and in under 60 seconds I was as hard as

I had ever been, my knob turning a dark reddish purple and my entire shaft

pulsing in time with my heartbeat. I had no idea what had happened but I

felt immediately ashamed, embarrassed,and completely confused as to why I

had become sexually aroused while being involuntarily fucked by a guy in the

ass who I wasn't attracted too. However, this new reality sparked an idea as

to how we could resolve this whole mess. Turning to Markus I told him that

something had just occurred to me, the fact that we were both straight, both

had virgin asses until that night and that he had taken my virginity. So it

seemed only fair that I return the favor and as I said this I briefly grazed

his virgin hole lightly with my fingertips so he would know what I meant.

Naturally Markus immediately began to protest but I continued on telling him

that if we agreed to this one-time quid pro "sodomy", sort to speak, that it

would stay between us, we would never speak of it again or tell anyone about

it and that rather than struggling and fighting not to cum while pulling out

of me, since even now his erection showed no sign of waning, he could cum

when he was ready right inside of me. I also pointed out that this was the

only way to leave us both even at the end. A couple of minutes

passed without either of us speaking; I could practically feel his brain

furiously trying to come up with an alternative, before with a deep gulp, he

softly agreed.At which point he slowly began sliding his erection all the

way back into me, triggering yet another intense, unexpected wave of

pleasure from some place inside of me. He paused briefly before he slowly

began to pull his cock backout. This time though, between knowing what to

expect, his leaking precum constantly in me for the last few minutes, and

the waves of pleasure I was relaxed and his erection slid out smoothly

without any pain or discomfort. With just his large helmet inside the lips

of my asshole and, a brief pause with my hole clamped down on just the tip

of his hard penis, he slid all the way backin until his thick bush was

resting against my ass cheeks.

Again, a wave of pleasure hit me before he began sliding back out again,

a little faster this time. By now I had completely adjusted to being fucked

and Ilet him know that he could go at his own speed. For the next couple of

minutes,he fucked in and out of me like a piston, slowly going faster and

harder each time, causing the wave of pleasure to become more intense each

time until suddenly, I realized that without touching my cock at all I was

ready to cum.Whispering an urgent, "shit, I'm going to cum, I'm going to

cum, fuck I'm cumming" my cock exploded. Over and over huge streams of my

baby batter shotout of my cock coating the nearby wall while Markus

continued to fuck me hard and fast, his cock literally forcing the cum out

of me from the inside. About half way through my orgasm Markus began to pant

in my ear before burying his shaft as deep as he could right before I felt

his dick briefly expand and with a rapidly whispered "oh fuck, me too" his

cock began to spasm as shot after shot of his sperm slammed into my

prostate, coating my guts from the inside and causing even more sperm to

shoot out of my cock hitting the wall with heavy, audible splats.

After nearly a minute, Markus finally had spent his load and as my

prostate ceased to be pummeled by his cumshots, my orgasm subsided as

well. Afterwards we both just laid there, panting, worn out, and exhausted

by the completely unplanned and unexpected sex we had just had neither of us

moving at all. After a few minutes, Markus' dick soften enough that it slid

out of me on its own, just as the massive load of straight guy cum he had

just painted my guts with beganto pour out of my massively overfilled

ass. Looking at each other we both admitted that not only was that the best

orgasm either of us had ever had but it was also the biggest load we had

ever shot and, for me, the furthest I had ever shot.

After such an intense session of fucking the afterglow was intoxicating,

within a minute we both fell into a deep, restful sleep. My last thought

before drifting off was that I had enjoyed that way more than I ever would

have thought and that in the morning I would have the chance to do it again

when itwas my turn to pop Markus' cherry.

End of Part 1 of 2

The exciting conclusion, including poppingMarkus' cherry to follow soon in

part 2.

I hope you have enjoyed my first story.

Ryder and Zander Share a Room by J.A Cole
Subject: Ryder and Zander Share a Room - Categories: Gay Male - Celebrity, First Time

The following is a completely fictional and original erotic work. Melissa
and Joey, and all associated characters are the intellectual property of
ABC Family. I am in no way affiliated with ABC Family or associated with
anyone involved with ABC Family. No assertion is made as to the sexuality
or actions of the characters mentioned in this piece or the
actors/actresses that play them. This story contains acts of an adult,
homosexual nature. If you are not of legal age in the jurisdiction you
reside in to view erotic, adult material or if you do not wish to view
erotic materials do not continue beyond this point. Copyright September
2017. All rights reserved.

Writtenby J A Cole -- September 2017

Ryder Scanlon was spending another day playing video games in his room
while waiting for his first assignment after finishing boot camp in the
Navy. Across the hall he could hear his sister Lennox yelling at Zander,
here on again, off again high school boyfriend. Zander had recently been
kicked out of his parent's house after Lennox's Aunt, Mel and her fiance,
Joey filled in as hosts on a local morning news program and proceeded to
discuss his relationship with Lennox while on the air. When Zander's
conservative parents heard about his recent underage drinking, the latest
in a string of decisions that they did not approve of, he was told to pack
his things. Since Mel and Joe had shared the private details of Lennox and
Zander's relationship on the air Lennox convinced them to let Zander move
in and share a room with her. It had been a couple of days since and based
on the constant yelling and fighting it was obvious that his sister was
finding it challenging to share a room with her boyfriend.

Suddenly there was a knock at his door, pausing his game he called out,
"Come in."

The door opened and Zander, red faced, entered and sat heavily in the empty
gaming chair.

"Hey man, sounds like things aren't going so well with the new living
arrangements", Ryder said.

"Man, ever since I moved in your sister is on my case about every little
thing, now she's kicked me out, looks like I'll be staying on the couch
until she calms down", replied Zander miserably.

Seeing how unhappy Zander was and knowing how unpleasant being around
Lennox when she isn't getting her way can be, Ryder empathized with Zander

"Hey man, I've got plenty room, you can stay in my room until you work
things out with Lennox", offered Ryder.

Looking around with some uncertainty Zander said, "You sure, you don?t have
a lot of room, I mean where would I even sleep?"

"There's plenty of room in here and we can share my bed. Trust me, during
boot camp I had to share a space not much bigger then this with several
guys, there is more than enough room", Ryder responded.

"Well if you're sure then I'll go get my things from your sister's room",
Zander said as he got up and headed across the hall to begin moving.

It had been a few days since Ryder and Zander started sharing a room and,
so far, things had gone rather smoothly. Lennox was still mad and ignoring
Zander so the past few days Zander and Ryder had been spending most of the
time playing video games together during the day and of course sleeping
next to each other at night. After first the sleeping arrangement wasn't a
problem but, after a couple of days of this Ryder realized that having
Zander in his room meant that he had no opportunity to jerk off and his
balls were beginning to feel heavy and swollen. Even worse he found that
even the littlest stimulation made him hard and, once erect, it took
forever to go away. This had happened to him before, when he first started
boot camp, but at least in the barracks he discovered that there were
certain areas where you could go and have a little alone time. Here though,
between Lennox and his Aunt Mel, Joe and Zander there was no place in the
house to be alone for any length of time. Even in the bathroom he couldn't
get more than 5 minutes without someone banging on the door for him to
hurry so they could get in. Meanwhile Zander was finding himself in a
similar state. The last time Lennox was in the mood was the night of his
drinking and he found that all the alcohol meant that he couldn't rise to
the occasion. After that he and Lennox started arguing and she had been mad
at him ever since. By this point it had been over a week since he had last
had the chance to blow his wad. Gaming with Ryder had provided an outlet
for his pent-up frustration but it didn?t do anything for his blue balls or
his frequent erections. So far, he had managed to keep the problem to
himself but he knew he needed some relief soon.

That night Zander and Ryder had gone to bed pretty late after a long day of
gaming and both fell quickly asleep laying on their sides facing away from
each other. Awhile later Ryder awoke to find that Zander had rolled over at
some point and now had his arms wrapped around him, spooning him. Ryder
tried to wake him or change positions but Zander was in a deep sleep and
hugging Ryder so tight he couldn't move. Realizing there wasn't a whole lot
he could do at this point Ryder gave up and went back to sleep.

Not too long after Ryder had fallen back asleep Zander began to dream, not
too surprisingly, about Lennox. In his dream, he had just finished a
romantic dinner with Lennox followed by a moonlight walk in the
park. Lennox was in such a good mood that she practically jumped him as
soon as they got home. After some foreplay Lennox suddenly turned over and
told him she was ready to try anal, something Zander had been trying to
convince Lennox to try for a while. Excitedly Zander pulled down the front
of his briefs and the back of Lennox's silky thong. Using spit, he began to
massage and loosen the virgin hole beside him. After 5 minutes of this used
more spit to lube his dick and placed the tip of his cock right up to that
virgin hole and began to slowly push in and out, gradually causing the ring
of muscle to relax. He made sure to take his time not only because this was
Lennox's first time and he didn't want to do anything that might make it
her last but mostly because he was so thick that even vaginally most girls
had trouble with him at first. It wasn't that Zander was huge, he was
slightly longer than average, about 7.5 inches, but he was much thicker
than most, almost the size of a beer can with a fat knob at the end. This
was framed by a thick light blonde bush that continued around the base of
his penis, framing his large, low hanging hairy sack before continuing
between his legs and into his ass crack and over his butt cheeks. After a
few minutes of this gentle prodding the head of his penis slide in with a
slight pop. Zander immediately froze giving time for Lennox to adjust
before continuing to slowly slide more of his cock in and out until he was
buried to the hilt, balls deep.

It was at this point that Ryder woke finding that Zander was still spooning
him but something was different. Ryder's ass felt full, like he needed to
shit, but at the same time there was a pleasant tingling sensation he had
never felt coming from somewhere just inside his ass. It was at this point
that he felt Zander stirring behind him and all of the sudden he realized
what was happening as he felt Zander's hard cock start to pull out of his
ass, leaving behind a somewhat empty feeling. However, just as he could
feel the head start to stretch the ring of his asshole on its way out,
Zander suddenly reversed direction and slammed his entire shaft all the way
back in until Ryder could feel Zander's thick bush on his ass cheeks and
his low hanging nuts banging into the back of his own ball sack. Grunting
with the force of the thrust Ryder realized that his sister's boyfriend was
fucking him in his virgin ass. Now Ryder had never even had a finger up
there before this, he had never even been curious about taking it in the
butt and unlike a lot of his teenage buddies never even experimented with
another guy. At this point Ryder was beginning to freak out, trying to
break free of Zander's hold on him, without much success. He did notice
though that all his shifting around kept causing that tingling sensation in
his ass and to his confusion he realized that his penis was getting
hard. Within a few seconds he was fully erect and harder than he had ever
been before, his penis pulsing with his heart beat and a steady flow of his
pre-cum filling his long foreskin and leaking out to soak the sheets of his
bed. He couldn't understand how he could be aroused while being essentially
fucked by a guy without his consent. He knew he was straight and was only
attracted to women so he was more than a little ashamed and confused by the
whole situation. All of Ryder?s jostling slowly brought Zander out of his
sex dream. At first, he thought he was lying next to Lennox with his penis
buried inside of her until he heard Ryder's deep groan. Coming fully awake
Zander wasn't sure exactly what was going on.

"Ryder, what the fuck is going on man?", he loudly whispered.

Ryder looked over his shoulder at Zander and hissed back,

"Dude, I woke up with your cock in my ass and you fucking me. Take your
dick out of my me, now."

Zander immediately started to pull out when Ryder's ass suddenly spasmed
around his cock and Ryder moaned. Zander froze thinking that he was hurting
his friend.

"What's wrong, was I hurting you?", he said.

"No, it's alright, it was nothing, forget it, keep going.", Ryder quietly
replied, his voice sounding strange and choked.

So, Zander started to pull out again when the same thing happened. This
time Zander realized that Ryder didn't sound like he was moaning in pain,
but maybe pleasure? Beginning to have a sneaky suspicion Zander moved his
hand from Ryder's hip to between his legs until he brushed up against
Ryder's obviously full, hard erection.

"Dude, your dicks hard, are you enjoying this? Are you into guys?", Zander
whispered, slightly shocked.

"Dude, no! I mean yes, I'm hard but no I?m not gay, honestly, I'm only
attracted to women, I've never even done anything with a guy before but
there's something in my ass that your cock keeps bumping when you move
which feels strangely pleasurable. I haven't even touched my dick, but it's
completely hard", Ryder emphatically responded.

Zander remembered then his high school health class and realized that Ryder
was talking about his prostate. The textbook mentioned that stimulation of
the prostate typically is pleasurable and in most guys, causes an
involuntary erection.

"Ryder, man, it's okay. My dick is bumping up against your prostate, that
causes erections in most men. It's involuntary and a natural response, it
doesn't mean your gay or anything", Zander said reassuringly.

"Really? Because, if I'm being honest, that part feels pretty good", Ryder
replied somewhat huskily.

"Yeah definitely, this isn't about being gay, it's the same for all men
straight or gay", Zander hesitated before continuing, "You know, if it
feels good we could continue. I mean your virgin ass is so tight and I
haven't gotten any for a while. It would just be two straight buddies
helping each other out, just between us"

Ryder didn't immediately reply and Zander began to worry that he might have
offended Ryder when Ryder quietly whispered,

"Okay, I guess since you're already inside we could try it this once. But
this has to stay between us, you can't tell my sister, and after this night
we never mention it again, agreed?"

"Agreed", Zander quickly replied.

If he was being perfectly honest, at this point, he wasn't sure that he
could even stop himself if Ryder had said no. He was already so horny and
Ryder's tight virgin hole felt incredible. Zander slowly began to pull his
cock out before sliding it back into the base in one quick, firm motion
causing both men to groan in ecstasy. Hearing Ryder's enthusiastic response
Zander began to fuck Ryder with a steady, constant rhythm, each thrust
forcing a husky moan from Ryder. After about 5 minutes Ryder wanted to
change position and ride Zander. So, Zander slowly pulled his erection out
of Ryder until his knob slid out with a slight pop. Rolling onto his back
Zander's hard cock stood straight up, gently throbbing with his
heartbeat. Ryder got on his knees, moved over to Zander and for the first
time saw the cock that until recently had been buried in his ass.

"Fuck, dude, you cock is huge. I can't believe that fat monster fit in tiny
asshole", exclaimed Ryder.

Zander just smiled and caused his erection to pulse. Ryder smiled back and
before straddling Zander. Once positioned over Zander's lap, Ryder reached
back, spread the cheeks of his muscular bubble butt and started to
sit. Once the tip of Zander's penis entered his ass crack he re-positioned
slightly so that Zander was pressed right against his hole, before lowering
himself further. Inch by inch Ryder impaled himself on Zander's erection
until it disappeared completely inside him. Ryder sat there for a moment,
completely full of his friend's cock, before he began to ride him. Laying
back Zander watched his girlfriend's younger brother bounce up and down on
his erect penis, his face contorting in pleasure. All the while Ryder's
erection bounced prominently in front of him, the pre-cum steady streaming
out to pool in Zander's thick bush and happy trail. Seeing it waving in
front of him Zander noticed that Ryder was longer then him, probably about
8 inches he guessed. He wasn't as thick as Zander but still had a pretty
good girth. Zander could also see that unlike himself, Ryder wasn't
circumcised and had a long foreskin. Even completely erect most of his head
was still covered by foreskin. Ryder's nuts didn't hang as low as Zander's
either but his balls were just as large so he had a fat, plump sack. Like
Zander, Ryder had a thick bush of black hair, hairy balls, which continued
into his ass crack. Unlike Zander though, Ryder's ass cheeks had only a
light dusting of hair leaving them soft and smooth.

After about 10 minutes of riding him Ryder hissed,

"Dude, I think I'm going to cum soon! I'm getting close! I can't believe
it, I haven't even touched my cock once!"

"I'm going to shoot soon too, go for it bud, shoot that cum, let me see
your load", Zander hissed back.

Hearing this Ryder began to bounce even faster and with greater
force. Zander began to thrust up to meet Ryder as he started to slide back
down, both of them moving faster and faster each of them moaning more and
more as the plunged towards their orgasm.

Hearing this Ryder began to bounce even faster and with greater
force. Zander began to thrust up to meet Ryder as he started to slide back
down, both of them moving faster and faster each of them moaning more and
more as the plunged towards their orgasm.

Suddenly Zander tensed, jammed his penis in as far as it would go, and
through clenched teeth loudly whispered,

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, fuck I'm cumming! I'm shooting my load
inside of you, I'm spraying your guts with my baby batter! Oh, fuck!"

Hearing Zander talk about shooting his load in him, Ryder felt the thick
cock inside him grow slightly before beginning to pulse. As he felt each
pulse he could also feel each shot of his friends cum fly out and slam
against his prostate. Feeling Zander's cum hit his prostate pushed Ryder
over the edge too and he hissed back,

"I can feel you cumming, you're fucking the cum right out of me, you're
making me cum, oh shit, oh fuck me, oh yeah, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

In the midst of his own climax Zander barely heard Ryder, all of the sudden
Ryder's foreskin slid completely back and shot after shot of cum flew out
the end of his teenage cock. The first shot flew over Zander completely and
hit the wall behind him. The next two shots hit Zander straight in the
face, drenching his head in cum. The remaining shots landing on Zander's
chest and then stomach before Ryder's balls were completely drained. From
the waist up Zander was covered in Ryder's cum and he quickly grabbed
tissues to clean up.

"Fuck dude, you drenched me, I've never seen anyone shoot so big a load,
that was incredible", Zander exclaimed.

"I know man, that is the most I've ever cum, ever, and I didn't even touch
my cock! I think I might actually want to do this again sometime, Ryder

"Okay, but if we do it again, next time it's my turn to try being fucked",
Zander agreed.

Feeling much relief and exhausted from the workout, both quickly fell into
a deep sleep, a content smile on their faces.