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Aroused in his sleep by Daveyray

Aroused in His Sleep

From Menonthenet

It was my senior year of high school. I grew up in a small conservative town where gays aren’t accepted—even now, and the certainly weren’t then. I was involved in sports and other stuff at my school, and had a few friends that I hung out with most of the time. One of my friends, Mike, was so fine! We grew up together, partied through our teens, and got into all kinds of trouble together. We even dated the same twin sisters at the same time. Anyways, I had come to a realization when I was 15 that I was gay, or at least bi-curious. I started looking at guys in the locker room now and then, and copped a peek at my friends when we were swimming in the pool.
I remember an awkward moment once. I was showering after wrestling practice with a few guys, and this big guy, Scott, who was a senior when I was a freshman, came into the showers. He had this perfectly sculpted body and a set of six-packs that you could bounce a ball off of. He came into the showers, turned the water on, and started soaping up. I just lay there under the water in my exhaustion, looking at his body and his tight ass. He had this perfect bubble butt.
He was at lest 6 inches hung when he was soft, and from the lathering, he was getting a bit aroused. Pretty soon his dick was semi-hard and appeared to be about 7.5 inches long, hanging. Just a touch from me and he’d be rock hard, so I thought. I started to imagine him picking me up, taking advantage of me…leading me to the bathroom stall…letting me blow him and then him fucking my ass until he’d cum in me like crazy. I came back to reality and I had a hardon. He looked over at me…and caught me staring dead on into his eyes, in a daze. He winked at me. Not a sexual wink, but more of a “Hey I caught you” wink. I freaked out and quickly covered up and ran to my locker, changed, and ran home. Yikes, that was when I was 15!
Ever since then, I wanted a few guys so bad that I knew from time to time. My bud Mike was always skinny like me, until he reached 17 or so, then he bulked up and filled out to a nice 170 lbs in a 5’11” body. His body was so rock hard, not any fate at all it seemed. His ass was so bubbly and rock hard, that just seeing him in underwear made me leak pre-cum like crazy, just thinking about how I’d like to fuck his ass.
At that time, when I turned 18, I was 6’ tall and weighed some 160 lbs. I was still pretty skinny, but I had a nice build. Nothing too muscular, but like a good biker build. I had matured nicely, gaining a 6.5” cock when hard, cut too. I had never had sex before either...came close with women, but I always mad an excuse, knowing I was really gay inside.
One night in November, around Thanksgiving break, Mike, me, and two other friends went to a wild party. I’ll spare you with the details of the night, because it was a blur. There were plenty of joints, lots of flowing beer, and liquor too. I was so hammered that night, back in 1992, I don’t think I’ve ever been any drunker. Anyways, I passed out at my friend’s house, where the party was, around midnight. At 2 AM, Mike woke me up and said, “Dave, get up! The fucking cops are here!” I instantly sobered up and ran with him outside into the woods behind Andy’s house. The cops were in the front yard and busy wrestling people to the ground, trying to catch others running away. Mike and I ran for what seemed like hours, until we reached a street we were familiar with.
We walked for a good hour or so, and we were near his house. He said his parents weren’t home this weekend, and he was watching his sister, who was 14. My eyes lit up, as I started fantasizing about playing with him in his sleep. Mike hadn’t had a lot of girlfriends either, and was more of a guy’s guy like me, and kind of a loner too. I never suspected him of being gay, but he did want to spend a ton of time with me. We both made gay jokes a lot too, but that was what every guy did back then—just kind of to break the ice. We lit up cigarettes and walked to his house, we hit the front door and stumbled in around 4 AM. God—what a long assed night!
We went into his kitchen and pigged out on everything in sight, eating until we were so stuffed, we could have vomited. Then he asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot again. I said, “Sure, why not.” So we went into his basement, which had been remodeled, opened up some windows, and lit up our joint. We had so many laughs, and started to drink some of his dad’s beer. Soon I was pretty much wasted again. Mike had a spare bedroom in his basement with a TV and VCR, so we agreed to crash in there on the couch and watch “Caddy Shack”. About a half hour into the movie, he passed out.
I was fully aware of my consciousness at that point, and waited until I was sure he was deeply sleeping—he was now snoring. He always snored. All the times I spent the night there; I never dared to be this bold as I was tonight. I lifted him up and pulled him on top of the bed, turning the TV down and turning the lights off. He stirred a bit, but I backed off then, and waited five minutes or so. I took his pants off slowly. He had a tight pair of black briefs on and I could see his package through the material. I slowly unbuttoned his flannel shirt and removed it carefully. Then I took his T-shirt off, so he was naked except for his briefs. I stripped myself down to my briefs as well. The front of them was already soaking wet from all the precum my dick was shooting out.
My heart was pounding so hard, I was getting dizzy, and my hands were shaking like a criminal robbing a bank for the first time. I felt so guilty and scared, but I tried to continue on. I climbed into bed and lay right next to him, admiring his smooth cut body. He had a white toned skin with no hair on his chest—just a little gold trail leading to his crotch. His abs were rock hard and his pecs protruded out with cute little hard nipples that were inviting me to suck on them. His legs were hairy with sandy blonde hair that matched the color of the hair on his head. They were muscular too, and his arms were very strong and muscled also. He could have been a model for a Caterpillar or John Deer Tractor advertisement, due to his rugged fine looks.
I put my hand on his abs and rubbed them…up and down, up and down I moved my hand. I felt his chest too, and pinched his nipples ever so slightly. He didn’t move a bit—he was gone. Then I grew bolder and started to lick his nipples. Damn—I was in heaven! I nibbled and sucked them until they were pulsating with redness. He stirred a bit when I was sucking, and then even moaned a bit.
I jumped off the bed and dove on the floor, hiding from sight for a few minutes. Moments later, I resumed my sucking while my hands felt up his legs, rubbing his fine thighs and glancing over his cock. Then I got really bold and pulled his underwear completely off. I stared at his soft cock, exactly the same size as mine and cut too. I grabbed his cock and squeezed it until it got hard. Pretty soon, his cock was standing up until it was in the air over his stomach for a while. Damn!
I lay on top of him, feeling his body on my naked frame. I wanted to die right there and feel that way forever…the heat of two fucking horny teens was so awesome! I kissed him gently on the mouth. I had to be fucked by him, so I went into the bathroom adjacent to the room, and got some Vaseline from the cabinet. (I knew he kept some there for whacking off!) I lubed up his cock, and lubed up my ass a bit too. I even fingered myself, as I did when I whacked off to gay porn magazines that were hidden in my bedroom.
I straddled him and tried to force his hard cock into my waiting asshole. Fuck, it hurt so bad when it entered, but after a little bit, I felt a tingling sensation going up my spine, and it made me cum pretty fast. I shot a load all over his chest and some of it hit his chin. Yikes! But he didn’t move.
I started rocking him as his dick was in my ass. I moved up and down and started going faster and faster. I closed my eyes and was looking up…before I knew it; I felt his hands on my waist squeezing me. Oh shit! But his eyes were closed…he was dreaming or something? Whew! I kept rocking faster and faster until I felt this contraction in my ass, as his cock was cumming. It lasted about 5 or 6 seconds, and then his body went limp. His lands left my side. He was breathing heavily now, and he moaned a bit again. I waited a few minutes, kissing his neck, and then I felt him getting soft inside of me. I climbed off of him and there was cum dripping out of my ass. I rubbed it all over my ass and on my thighs in horny excitement. His dick was glazed with cum and was as soft as it began.
My turn. I was hard again. I rolled him over onto his stomach and looked at the fine rock hard ass. This was going to be a great night! I lubed up his asshole and was fingering it for a half hour, getting him good and relaxed. He was moaning in his sleep while I fingered him, so I take it he wasn’t in that much pain. I lay on top of him and forced my dick in., “uhhh….ahhh…errr…uhhh” was his moan pattern after I buried my dick all the way in. I just lay skin to skin on him for about five minutes until I was sure he had relaxed. Then I started to pace myself slowly, slinging in and out of his hole. I rubbed his back profusely and started to fuck him very fast. After about 20-30 strokes, I felt myself coming to orgasmic proportions. I cummed a pretty good bucket full in his ass while moaning out loud, and then collapsed on him. Then I too fell asleep…
When I awoke, I was on the floor, naked, but under a blanket sleeping… I panicked, as it was now around 10 AM. I looked in the bed, but Mike was not there. I heard the shower running, and he was in it. I quickly dressed. He came out of the shower and looked at me kind of funny.
“Damn, that was a fun night—I’m so fucking hung over!”
“Yeah, me too, Mike” I agreed.
“You dork, you passed out in my bed last night next to me, so I threw you on the floor with a blanket.”
“No shit! That’s funny!”
“Yeah, you were pretty wasted!”
I think he really knew what might have happened. I wish I had sex with him more after that, and that we would have lived happily ever after. But we didn’t. He’s married now, and I’m out of the closet. He doesn’t talk to me anymore, and I don’t speak with him either. It was just the best sex I’ve ever had in my life—in an earlier age where innocence and bare-backing were safe from the troubles of the world.
I think there’s probably a “Mike” in all of our lives, but I got my way. I had my fantasy. I had fucked my hot best friend.

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