Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Best Friend Sleeps Over, Things Escalate by TeenBoy

Story and coyright by TeenBoy
First Published on Gay Demon

Ethan and I had always been very close. We went to the same school and were good friends. He was the most popular guy in our year, cocky,confident and incredibly good looking. I had seen him naked before when we were getting changed for a game and the memory had stayed with me, memory’s I had wanked to several times. He was straight having had several girlfriends and so was I, but I kept finding myself thinking dirty things about him, I couldn't help it. Tonight he was sleeping over at my house.
He came home with us after school, we did our homework, went for a walk to the local park where we and some girls drank ourselves stupid and got back for dinner. Afterwards we went upstairs, he said he needed a shower so he went to the bathroom and I went to my room to get changed out of my school uniform. I sat on my bed scrolling through facebook for a while when I heard Ethan shout my name. I went to the bathroom door and asked what he wanted.
Man, I forgot to get a towel. Can you get me one?”

I went and got a towel. I got very excited at the thought of Ethan standing totally naked just behind the door and desperately wanted to open it fully so I could see but I knew I couldn't so I opened it just enough to fit the towel through. He appeared at the door and pulled it open a bit further, revealing his naked body just down to his torso. He grabbed the towel and grinned.

Thanks man.”

He didn't immediately close the door. I was trying not to look at his bare chest.
No problem.” I said, moving away from the door. He shut it and I went back to my room, imagining bursting in to the bathroom, pushing him to the floor and getting on top of him. I wanted my cock in his mouth, I wanted to feel his abs. No, I thought to myself, don't think like that, he's your best friend!
I was in my room a few minutes when Ethan came back in. He was in his boxer shorts, and that was it. I felt my dick jump to life and tried to cover it. I was wearing full pyjamas and suddenly wished I had opted for the boxers too. We had no spare room and I had only one double bed in mine so Ethan was sleeping in it with me.

It's so warm. You don't mind if I sleep in my boxers?”
No, 'course not.” I replied.

He got on the bed beside me. He took out his phone and went into Snapchat, messaging various girls.

We should probably get to sleep if we're gonna get up for school tomorrow.” I said.

Yeah, your right.” He turned on his side away from me.

I allowed my eyes to wander. His toned back, his tight boxer shorts, his hairy legs, I wanted nothing more than to spoon into him, putting my hands all over him. I had a raging boner at this point. I was imagining lying next to him, taking out my dick and shoving it up his ass. My thoughts were interrupted by him suddenly speaking.

Man...this is the first night in ages I haven't wanked.”

I froze, excited. I thought very carefully about what I said next.

You can if you want...I won't look.”

He turned around to face me. His naked body covered only by his boxers which I saw from the corner of my eye were barely concealing his boner. I felt an overwhelming urge to strip and climb on top of him.


Ya.” I said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. “I'll turn the other way, I'll probably fall asleep.”
Thanks man, I'm so fucking horny.”

Regrettably,I turned on my side. I could barely contain myself at the thought of Ethan wanking off right beside me in my bed and me not being able to see any of it. I heard him take off his boxers and heard the moans of girls on the porn he was watching on his phone.
I tried to think of a way of getting to turn around. Maybe if I pretended I was asleep and rolled over the other way, or If I told him the porn was making me horny too...

I decided to try it.

Man, that porn's got me hard now.”
You can wank it off if you want, we've seen each other anyway.”

I beamed into my pillow.

I suppose, why not?” I said.

I turned around. His dick was huge, bigger than mine. He seemed to have shaved as it wasn't very hairy but there were a few pubes. I couldn't believe it. After all those years, all those fantasies, here he was, completely naked on my bed wanking himself off. I had seen it soft before, but never hard. I nearly came in my boxers. He noticed me looking.

Getting gay for me are ya?” he joked.

I laughed and took my shirt and trousers off. I noticed him looking from the side of his eye. I slid my boxers off and lay there beside him, the two of us totally naked. I had never been so horny. He moved his phone over so we could both watch the porn. I started wanking. I kept sneakily looking at his hand going up and down on his huge dick. I was so hard, sure I would cum any minute, and then...

I'll suck you if you suck me.” he whispered in my ear.

Had we not been wanking naked beside each other I would have thought he was joking. I looked at him and saw his eyes dart from my dick to my eyes. I knew it was now or never.

OK.” I nodded.

I climbed over him, making sure to slide my dick off his chest. I crawled down until my face was beside his dick. He grabbed my left leg and pulled it over to the other side of him so I was spread in front of his face. Slowly, I put my mouth on his dick and started sucking up and down on it. I felt him sucking mine and with his right hand rubbing and slapping my ass, it was so hot. I played with his balls and gagged myself, going right down on his huge, perfect dick. He started moaning and it was so hot. Ethan, the most popular guy in school, the guy who all the girls had a crush on, was naked underneath me sucking my cock. I allowed my hands to go all over him, rubbing up and down his hairy legs, massaging his muscular torso. He was rubbing my ass cheek and forcefully sucking my dick, his head bouncing up and down off the pillow. I took my mouth off for a break and placed my hand around his cock, sliding up and down. I turned my head so I could watch him suck me. I felt myself getting close to cumming and started sucking his dick again. It got more intense and I started moaning.

He slapped my ass and sucked me, I was cumming in his mouth.

mmm!” I moaned while sucking him. I slammed my cock into his mouth and could barely control myself, my body was shaking. This was the best orgasm I had ever had. Ethan was close too and I could sense it. He started pushing his dick up into my mouth. He continued to push it in and out, choking me until he came. It was warm and salty in my mouth. It wasn't a nice taste but I relished it knowing it was Ethan's cum. We kept going until we were both definitely done. I turned myself around on him. His hand was on the back of his head, he was panting. I flattened myself onto him, my dick squashed against his, my chest on his, my legs rubbing his and looked at him. I leaned in and kissed him. My tongue rolled around his mouth against his, sharing each others cum. I felt my dick get hard again and his against it, and knew our friendship had just ascended to a whole new level.


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