Tuesday, 29 May 2018

From Sleep Creep to Lovers by Atessaq

Story and copyright by Atessaq
First published on Gay Demon

Jason and I grew up together, knowing every bit of each other, except how the other one looked naked. Losing contact for about 2 years, we met up again when my family and I moved in next to him and his family. He offered to help us with the moving and sorting of the boxes. And as night grew upon us, he decided to sleep over so we can get back to work early the next morning.

Look I knew that I was gay, but he was straight as can be.

Sleeping next to each other like all the previous years we did it again.

Just this time, knowing a hot guy sleeping next to me, made me as horny as hell.

We probably slept half an hour before I woke up, spooning behind him, I Heard his breathing that indicated to me that he was sleeping, I moved my hand over him, holding him tight, and without him moving, I got a full on erection.

My hand started to wonder around, playing with his nipples, softly touching his beautiful, soft tanned skin, I couldn't help but press my hard cock against his tight straight ass. I then started to move down ward, to feel what he was hiding between his legs.

Over that satin pair of briefs he had on I felt a piece of meat standing up straight, which sent me to heaven, my cock was now dripping with precum, and I loved it.

Putting one finger underneath his waistband, then the other finger, I felt his pubic hair. Touch his cock, and almost shot a load right there.

I slowly and gently removed my hand from his briefs, still just underneath his waistband, I moved my hand to his hips, softly pulling down his briefs, his one butt cheek was visible, placing my hand on it, and pinching it softly made me hornier than ever before.

As I did this, he moved and rolled over to the other side, snoring softly, yet one could hear he was sleeping. I rolled over as well, pulling his arm over me, and pushing my ass against his hard cock. gradually taking off my jocks, I felt his body, warm, tender and soft against me, holding his hand, I moved his hand down to my crotch, placing it around my cock, holding his hand, I started masturbating myself with his hand.

It was time now to move his briefs down and get that beautiful piece of meat naked against my craving ass. I released his cock from the briefs, and pulled my ass apart and pushing back with my body, I let this warm cock just lay there between my cheeks, with his soft hand around my erect cock, the precum just kept on coming out. My cock and his hand was so wet, but was so erotic. I felt him moving again, a bit back, removing his hand from my cock, up to my chest; he pulled me close to him, holding me tightly.

It was now or ever!

I moved my ass away from him, took some saliva and wet tend ,my asshole, holding his cock up, positioning, his cock and my asshole I pushed back trying to get that thick pieces of meat inside me. And then suddenly I felt him pushing forward. While pulling me closer to him, it entered fast, and by just had to keep myself from screaming out loud.

Turning my face towards him, we started kissing, and he forced his tongue inside my mouth, while pounding my ass, French kissing my lips, he started to jack me off. First thing I thought off is, "am I in Heaven"? I shot my load all over his hands and the bedding, groaning, squirming and taking as much of that cock as possible.

He pulled out and shot his load all over my ass, then rubbed it in, playing with his fingers at my asshole, I started moaning all over again, he took my hand in his, turned around, and pulled me over to him, my cock still as hard as a rock, He pulled me tight against him, pushing his ass against my cock, I started to move my still cum-wet cock down to his hole, and started pushing it in, slowly, inch, by inch, till I was all inside him. Arithmetically I fucked his ass, then without having my cock removed he sat on me, and turned facing me. Ohm, this sight, it made me gasps at his beauty and pleasure. Riding me like there is no tomorrow. I started wanking his erect cock, and at the same time, we shot our loads.
With a few drops on my lips from his shot, he came down and French kissed me, keeping my cock in him, he still rode my like a horse.

Another half an hour passed before he just fell down next to me, playing with each other's cocks, he decided to lead me by the cock to the shower.

Playing, kissing and enjoying each drop of hot water falling on us, he went down and sucked me dry, I returned the favour, and without swallowing I went up and kissed him.

We finished our shower, holding hands, we went back to bed. Lying in his arms, he whispered in my ear that he had wanted that forever.

Reaching down under his briefs, I took his soft cock in my hand, kissed him and said that I want this night to last forever. We dosed off.

The next morning, I woke up with this sudden urge, which at that moment felt like an urge to take a leak. But a moment later I just lay there smiling for this hot mouth around my cock. He just kept on sucking till I blew my load, he came up and kissed me with those cum enriched lips and said "morning my angel hope you slept well." Reaching down to his hard cock I answered "in your arms, not even the devil can ruin my sleep". Pushing him over, and sucking him off, swallowing every drop, and having another long intimate kiss, I got all that was needed for the day's work. Every moment I got a stared at his beauty, and for he loved to work shirtless, made me horny all the time.
I still don't know how the hell I have hidden my erections the hole day, but night came and we sat watching a movie, I just felt him touch my leg, not too far away from my cock, and since we both only wore briefs that night, I decided to place my hand on his leg, just below his balls.
I made my naught move, and moved my one finger under his briefs, touching his balls, he turned to me, gave me a serious look then just smiled. And within seconds he placed his hand on my soft cock. Not that it was soft for long. I did the same. And we just sat there holding each other's cocks, kissing, and enjoying the movie. By the time the movie ended I just wanted to jump him. For he played with my head all the time especially when precum lubricated his hand around my cock, which made it sensitive.

On our way to my bedroom he stopped in front of me grabbed me kissed me and asked if he can move in with me, shocked yet excited I grabbed him, jumped into his arms kissed him with so much passion and dedication. And then I felt something poke my ass, I reached down through the little space there was between us, grabbed his cock, and told him, on one condition, he makes love to me that night, and so he did.

It wasn't sex, it was making love, and it lasted straight through the evening. I was more in love than ever after that evening. My Gran said everything is fine, and she accepted that we were an item, and so each night, we spooned on the couch, under a blanky, holding each other, and in between touching each other all over.

Every morning the one woke the other one with a blow job, hand job, riding or fucking.

That was the most interesting relationship I ever had. And I never grew tired of him, his cock, or his ways. I loved him so much, And what I miss the most is our shower - or bath time, when we washed each other after having a little session of playing.


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