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Sleeping Naked by Alan B

 Sleeping Naked by Copyright by AlanB
From Menonthenet

I was 19 years old, 6'1, 175 lbs Brown Hair and blue eyes. I worked out several times a week and was particularly proud of my abs. Even though I was the shy and quite type, I had my more than my share of girl friends back in High School. I was told by friends that I was quite handsome. At the time I knew I was more gay then bi but had only messed around with one guy back in High School which consisted of jacking each other off and sucking on each other but not cumming in each other’s mouth. When my sister married and moved in with her husband, I had an opportunity to move in with my sister's roommate of 4 years, Ann. We shared a two-bedroom apartment and became good friends but kept our relationship strictly platonic. Ann was more like a sister to me and we had a blast throwing parties and hanging out.
About a year after I moved in, Ann asked me if it was all right if her brother Lincoln moved in with us for awhile. Lincoln was 19, 5'11, 145 lbs and had a body to die for. I had known Lincoln back in Junior High but had lost touch when I moved to Dallas and went to a different High School. He seemed like a cool guy and needed a place to crash. Lincoln had got into it with his mother over dropping out of college and was told to get out of her house. I agreed for Lincoln to sleep on our couch and told him he could use my bathroom, which is in the master bedroom. Lincoln was just so damn cute how could I have said no?
Ann was a bartender and would not make it in until after 3 am and would typically go right to sleep. Ann was a messy housekeeper but Lincoln was quite the opposite. I came home from work the second or third day he was there and he had totally cleaned my bathroom, washed and folded my clothes and had my bedroom totally organized. Wow! I was a little pissed off that he had messed with my things, but what the hell. I knew he was trying to be helpful and felt bad that he didn't have a job.
Lincoln went around putting in applications over the next week or so. I would get home from work and go work out. I would take a quick shower and Lincoln would have dinner ready for me. This turned out to be a pretty good arrangement for me since I hate cooking and Lincoln turned out to be an excellent cook. We went out to a couple of bars (legal drinking age was 19 back then) and had a good time. I met a few of his friends who we had over a couple of times to hang out at the pool. Things seemed to be working out just fine even though Lincoln had not found a job after about a month. During this time Lincoln would go out on the weekends and hang with his friends at a club. He would come home about 1 o'clock in the morning totally wasted. This particular time when his friends had dropped him off they knocked at the door to get me to help get Lincoln inside. He had drunk too much and could barely walk. Ann was spending the weekend with her boyfriend camping.
I helped Lincoln inside and said bye to his friends. Lincoln fell back on the couch with his eyes closed and looked like he was going to fall asleep. I was removing his shoes when his eyes opened and he told me thank you. He asked if I could help him up so he could take a piss and brush his teeth. I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up but immediately had to catch him before he fell. He put his arms around me and said he was sorry. I told him its wasn't a problem and helped him into the bathroom. I was standing behind him with my hands under his arms holding him up while he tried to unbutton his 501's. This turned out to be impossible for him in his drunken state. He asked if I could give him a hand, which I was more than eager to do. I kind of leaned him back towards me while I reached around from behind and undid the first four buttons. I was then given the pleasure of seeing his cock, which was over 4 inches long, and fairly thick even in it's flaccid state. My view was from the mirror in front of him, which left nothing to my imagination. I immediately sprouted a boner and it didn't help that his ass kept bumping against me as I was holding him up from behind. Lincoln finished pissing and made a halfway attempt at brushing his teeth. I then helped him back to the living room where I made his bed on the couch and helped Lincoln pull off his jeans and remove his shirt. Lincoln was sitting on the couch in his classic white briefs and I could tell he had quite a package underneath.
His eyes were closed and he looked like he was passed out. I called his name and told him I was going to watch some TV and hoped it wouldn't bother him. He opened his eyes and told me that the TV wouldn't bother him and that he was going to crash. The next thing I knew, Lincoln pulled his briefs off and was totally naked for a second before sliding underneath the sheet. I heard Lincoln mumble something about it being too hot and that he was going to sleep in the nude. That did it for me, I made up my mind that I was going to suck his dick tonight somehow someway. I made sure the thermostat was turned up to 80 degrees. I went back to my room and undressed and but on a black pair of running shorts without anything underneath. I took a look at myself in the mirror running my hands over my chest and down to my shorts. My cock was rock hard and I wrapped my hand around it through the silky material enjoying the warmth. Soon if I had my way, I would be wrapping my hand around Lincolns cock before sucking it down my throat.
I went down the hall to the kitchen to chug a cold beer and gather my nerves. I went back into the the living room and found Lincoln asleep on the couch with one knee bent up which lifted the sheet covering him up a couple of inches. There were no lights on in the living room except for the television. I changed the channel to MTV and turned the volume up slightly. Lincoln was sound asleep and slightly snoring. I reached up and pulled the sheet back uncovering my treasure. As my eyes became used to the light from the television, I was able to make out his beautiful cock and balls. His cock was semi-hard and almost 7 inches. I watched his face to see if he was still asleep which he was so I became brave and decided to make a move. I slowly reach my hand and touched his leg. When he didn't wake up, I moved up his leg until my hand was next to his ball sack. I slowing moved my hand up and set it right on top of his cock. As I was holding it in my hand, I could feel my cock pushing against the confines of my shorts. A moment later my boner sprung out of the side of my shorts and stood immediately at it's full 7 inches. The head of my own cock was wet with precum and I had a wet spot on my shorts.
I slowly started to squeeze Lincoln's cock ever so slightly and could feel its warmth and within moments it was totally hard. What a masterpiece! Another quick look at Lincoln's face and I could tell he was still asleep. I decided it was time for a taste. I leaned over and gently let my tongue lick the tip. Lincoln was circumcised, as am I as both of our dads were in the Air Force. I licked my lips to get them wet and slowly took the tip of his 8-inch cock into my mouth. As I did his smell and taste was turning me on. I had to have more. Slowly I slid more and more into my mouth until I had almost half down my throat. With my left hand, I reached down and started playing with my cock which was dripping precum all down my leg. In my excited state I was scared to jack myself much or I would have shot my load right then. I wanted this to last longer. I could hear Lincoln snoring, which made me brave enough to be a little more aggressive and deep throat him. I was going up and down on his cock like there was no tomorrow. Still Lincoln was asleep. After awhile I could taste his precum. This was too much. Without even touching my cock at that moment, my cock started to twitch and shot what had to be my largest load ever on the blanket, which I had set on the floor. I finally unhitched my mouth from his cock and decided to clean up, take a piss and drink another beer.
When I came back, Lincoln was still snoring and his cock was still rock hard. It wasn't long before I decided to take another shot at it. This time I pulled his legs down and over so I could get to him better. In this position he was still laying on the couch but his legs were off the front of the couch like he was sitting. This allowed me to get directly between his legs and totally take his cock down my throat. Needless to say, My own cock had recovered and was ready for round two. As I was sucking him, I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to fuck his tight ass. I was scared that he might wake up but in the passion of the moment, I decided to take the chance. As I was sucking him, I pulled him forward until he was hanging slightly over the edge of the couch. I grabbed his legs and held them back enough where I could see his cherry hole. I stopped sucking him so I could get myself in position. Ever so gently I moved my cock in so the head of my cock, which was covered with precum, brushed directly against his hole. My cock was making its own perfect lube and it didn't take long bore my cock was totally wet. I dropped a couple of globs of spit on it just to be sure.
Next, little by little I would gently push my cock against his hole. Lincoln was still snoring. I pushed his legs back so that I could get a better angle. The position worked better and I could feel my cock start to slip in his hole. As my cock was going in, I had to concentrate on not blowing my load right then. The feeling as I slipped in was so intense I had to hold it still for a good 4-5 minutes for my cock to stop twitching I was so close to the verge of climax... I could hardly believe I was there with my cock deep inside my roommate’s brother ass. I could not of cared if someone had walked in the door a that moment. I was in heaven. Lincoln was still passed out and his cock was semi-hard. I gently started to move inside him.
He was drunk and very relaxed so there was little resistance. In a few moments I found that I could pull most of the way out and push deep inside. It was so hot. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. I was amazed when his eyes opened up and his arms went around my neck forcing my face against his. He immediately forced his tongue though my lips and made love to my mouth like I was fucking his ass. I could not believe this was happening. I was in love and nothing else mattered. I had reached down had was holding his again hard cock in my hand while sucking his face and fucking his ass. I broke free from his face and started jacking his cock while I thrust deep inside of him. Lincoln kept saying “I want you to cum inside of me” over and over again. I told him I was getting close and he said “cum inside me” and at that moment I exploded inside of him while his cock spasmed and shot a massive amount of cum all over Lincoln and the couch. I leaned forward with my cock still inside Lincoln to kiss him. We kissed for at least 10-15 minutes before I pulled out and we decided to take a shower. Lincoln showered first while I cleaned up the mess in the living room. Afterward I climbed in the shower and though about what had just happened.
When I got out of the shower, I found Lincoln lying on my bed with his cock rock hard. I immediately dropped my towel and started sucking his cock. He positioned me so that we were in 69 and able to suck each other. After 15-20 we were both close and shot our loads down each other’s throats. We cleaned up and went to sleep cuddling each other. The next day Ann was home when I came home from work. She stopped me and told me that Lincoln had told her about us getting together. She told me that she had an open relationship with her brother and knew he was gay. She loved and cared about us both and if we were happy that's all that matters. I couldn't believe it because everything had happened so quickly. In the span of two days I was outed and in a committed relationship with my roommate. Ann told my sister who broke the news to the family a couple of months later. The family took the news well and accepted that Lincoln was part of my life. We have been together 16 years now and still have sex with each other like it was our first time.

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