Tuesday, 5 June 2018

While He Was Sleeping by Haki Parker


Okay my name is Eric I was 18 at the time of the story. I am about 6ft and I'm 160, brown skinned, with a nice bubble but. By the way I like to play hard to get, and I'm only into black men and thugs. My 12th grade year in High school I was trying to do anything to get into college including signing up for after school programs so it can look good on my college application. So I join this drill team and since I'm openly gay I knew I wanted to march with girls instead of being with the boys because they were all into rough housing and that ain't what I'm into. I mean 'Im still cool with all the drummers but I don't take no shit and I hate the word faggot so I hit it with the girls but I like to show my skills in front of the boys.
After about a month I get to know all the drummers because I start hanging where they hang out at one of the coaches houses in North Philly close to where I live. So I'm chilling over there one day and in walks Tops ( his nick name because he was from up top). He is 20, light skinned with hazel eyes and about 5'9,' slim but cute as shit and a fowl mouth .You know I go for that. So he comes in and sees me there and wants to talk shit saying faggots this and that but not to me so I was getting mad and I let him have it, which I didn't want to do because he so sexy but I did. I found out he just was playing when he said he didn't like faggots but I was cool so I blew it off.
So for the next month or so he would come and try to bully me and I use to fight back I knew we were playing but I use to fuck him up until this one day we were wrestling and I fell over and he fell on top of me, and I felt his dick by accident (yes it was an accident). It was fat and had to be at least 7 inches soft. I thought I would faint , but he just acted as if were still wrestling and pushed me into a wall. So after that day I was thinking about him all the time and how I wanted that fat dick and I was going to do anything to get it.
So we getting close but as friends but I think he knew I liked him as he was really opening up to me which shocked me because there were some other faggots in this drill team and he use to whip their asses. This one day we were at the coach house watching TV we all were going to this skating party later that night and I was being my usual gay self and it was just me and Tops in the room. So we were both on the bed and he started his usual shit, and it was making me tired so I Iaid down on the bed ( the bed is a M ass water bed I mean it can fit like four or five of the drummers at once).
As I'm dozing off he laid down as well but in the oppisite direction so we lying on the water bed in a T but were not touching.
I had to be asleep for around three minutes and I didnt hear any thing in the house I look up at Tops and he was sleep so I went back to sleep but moved up to lie on what seemed to be a pillow. I was dosing off when the pillow moved again so I look up and realized I was lying on Top's stomach and what's moving is his waist. He must have been trying to get comfortable and I saw the bulge in his pants. Me being who I am was ready to whip it out but I was so scared. You know how your heart beats a million times a minute, well l'mm shocked he couldn't hear my heart beating. I slowly placed my hand on his bulge and felt that fat dick. It was growing and I felt it jump in my hand. l waited and it jumped again, so I made a deal with myself if it does it again I was going to pull it out. When it did, then I did!
I'm pulling it out and trying not to wake him up and when I grabbed hold of that dick I almost died it was so meaty and I could feel the warmth from it so I pulled it out and there was this monster dick staring at me. It was big, about 9 inches and still growing and also darker than his light body with a fat mushroom head on it. I was so turned on I just put my mouth on it and starting licking the head and, noticing he was still asleep, I started to suck down the shaft trying to adjust my mouth around the dick Then I noticed his hips moving to adjust. I jumped but he was still sleep so I continued to slurp on that big black dick getting it wet giving my 8 game but still fucking it up. About a minute later he jumped up and seen me sucking his dick.
I was so scared and when he finally spoke he said "What the fuck!"
So I feigned sleep trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this one(no shade as I'm writing this I'm shaking thinking about it ) when he said, "So you felI asleep with my dick in ya mouth," in a really sarcastic way.
I couldn't do anything but look at him ashamed.
He said, "Did I tell you to stop?".
I was shocked but I wasn't dumb so I smiled and then starting sucking that dick like there was no tomorrow. When I tell you my throat got three inches deeper that day I ain't lying. I was sucking that dick all the way down. I was licking inside his piss slit tasting his precum and it was good ( not sweet like in all those other stories) but that shit turned me on it made me suck faster and harder till I felt him pumping back in my mouth and his hand on the back of my head and he was moaning telling me to suck that big ass dick.
I deep throated it and held my head there and he was pumping trying to move me but I didn't. I stayed there and I felt his dick growing. I knew he was about to nut. l breathed through my nose and starting sucking a little. He grabbed my head again and was squeezing it and then I felt the first splatt on the back of my throat and he managed to pull his dick up and another big ass load Ianded on my tounge and then another and my mouth was so full of cum. He was the first person to ever cum in my mouth so I was about to spit it out but I swallowed it all.
I was so turned on and he must have enjoyed it because he was smiling.
As he zipped up his pants he looked at me and said, " Damn I got you turned on and gave a little sarcastic chuckle as he walked to the computer and sat down .
He looked at me and and I noticed his smile had dissapeared and he said "Yo you betta not tell nobody."
I said, "I won't."
He replied, "Yeah cause if you do I'll shoot you".
I smiled and burped and he laughed and I became his side joint........Sucking that dick every chance I get.

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