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The Voyeur - Sleeping Beauty by Kyle Falls

 The Voyeur - Sleeping Beauty
by Kyle Falls

For Elmer Bond turning 56 meant nothing for him. For him another lame birthday was all he was gonna have. His family had not cared about him for a very long time. If anything we was gonna receive "a gift" and that would be the most he would get. For Elmer this birthday was just another year closer to death.

DING DONG! The bell had rung on Elmer's door. Elmer was still lying in bed and decided to make the journey from his room to his front door. Elmer wasn't in terrible shape for his age, he did alot of yoga and running, he just wasn't in the birthday mood. Elmer slowly made his way out of his bed and stood up and put on a pair of sweat pants. Elmer was a pretty tall man, 6ft2, slender runners build he wasn't bad looking. He had some salt and pepper short hair and a dark beard around his whole face. The only issue Elmer had about his body was he could only conjure up a toned torso but couldnt pop out a four pack...I guess the price for being older.

After what seemed like 10 minutes Elmer had finally made it to his front door. He opened the door and saw nobody in sight. Elmer looked left and right down the street it was just empty. He finally looked down and noticed a rather big brown box in his door way. Elmer grabbed the box and squinted as the sun's ray came gunning for his green colored eyes.

Since nobody was here Elmer decided to get undressed. Elmer liked living in the nude and he never had any company so he enjoyed his nudist paradise he called home. Elmer removed his sweats exposing a long 7inch cut white cock with thick dark pubes all around his pubic region. Elmer stretched for a little bit and decided to get a box cutter from the second floor study of his two story small home. Once on the second floor he went into his study and grabbed a boxcutter from his desk and continued on downstairs.

Elmer grabbed the box tightly and began cutting open the sides. After four cuts the box was ready to open. Elmer opened the box and inside a telescope was revealed. It was a brand new Astro 2000. It had silver plating and a beautiful dark blue trim around the ends. Elmer was kinda surprised. He never even asked for one of these before. Elmer looked down and noticed a letter on the ground. Elmer picked up the letter and it read......

"Dear Uncle Elmer, Sorry we cannot make it for your birthday this year. We have so much to do with an new baby on the way I hope you will understand. Anyway I figured you might like this you always said you like space so I just assumed you would like it. If you can't find any use for it you can always sell it on ebay...hahahaha anyway have a good 56 or was it 57th i dont care have a good one.. Nephew Bobby!"

Elmer just sat down distraught. It really did seem nobody cared. Elmer grabbed the letter and tore it up. After a couple of minutes Elmer decided on where to put the telescope. Elmer walked up the stairs and threw the telescope in the study. He was pissed! Elmer sat in his black spinny chair in the study and began to contemplate what he was gonna do. An hour had passed and still nothing. Should he retaliate? Should he call his asshole of a nephew? What did he even need a telescope for? Boom! Slam! Whatever sound that was it snapped Elmer out of his dark thoughts.

Elmer peeped out his window from the study and saw an older looking couple come out of their moving van. A man in his late 40s and a woman in her late 30s came walking out of the back of a U-haul and they were both picking up boxes. Elmer saw them smiling at each other and saw them murmur words to each other but he couldnt read their lips. To Elmer they seemed like the perfect 1950's era couple. Both looked wholesome, white, brown hair on both, and perfect smiles. The both then drew their attention to the van and Elmer followed their gaze...what he saw has a beauty!

A young shirtless man came from the van picking up two boxes one in each hand. Elmer saw this man's nice tan toned body, a total opposite of his parents. Elmer gazed upon the fresh faced beauty some more. The young man was wearing a pair of blue jeans that were sagging exposing his white FTL underwear line, he wore a pair of brown cowboy boots probably to make him look taller. The young man had medium length wavy brown hair and had no body hair except for his pits which Elmer noticed the moment he saw this beauty pick up some more boxes.

Elmer noticed that they must've been unpacking while he was in his deep trance. With only a few boxes left the 50's era dressed couple motioned to the young beauty and into the house he went. Elmer thought that was going to be the last time he would gaze upon such a young creature...but in a split second he noticed the beauty again this time he was for sure that the man was in his own room.

The man began unpacking a few boxes which where in his room. Elmer decided this was the perfect time to use his new gift. Elmer quickly picked up the telescope and set it up right near his window. After a few minor tweaks he got eagle like vision into the young beauty's room. With his new vision working Elmer moved the telescope from side to side till he caught the young man in his sights. The beauty was now just wandering aimlessly in his room. Elmer began to sprout some wood. Just looking upon this stud was turning him on. The young man then began to unbutton his jeans and pulled his pants down slowly. Elmer stared hard into the lens and began stroking his wood. The man revelaed to be wearing his white FTL briefs and an impressive bulge. The young man reached inside his breifs and started scratching his balls. Elmer rubbed harder. Then the young man walked away and Elmer lost sight of his new interest. Elmer couldn't last anymore he rubbed his now fully erect cock and began beating it harder and harder til finally he let out a loud moan and blew his wad all over the floor in the study. Elmer continued to rub his now flaccid cum covered cock and stared at the beauty's window, "Next time sweet boy, next time." with those final words Elmer got up and went on to clean himself up.

Three days have now passed since Elmer had laid his eyes on his hot new neighbor and he decided he should introduce himself to his fantasy man. Elmer grabbed a store bought pie he bought the other day and walked next door. Elmer wore his best red suit and tie clothes, he did want to make a good first impression with these people. Elmer took a deep breath and knocked on the door. No answer. Elmer knocked again on the brown door blocking him from his man. Again no answer. Frustrated he knocked harder and even peeled some skin off his knuckles.

"Hold on!", a British speaking voice said from behind the door.

When the door opened he noticed that his young man had answered the door. There he was standing in front of him with his sweaty grey t shirt and a pair of sweaty grey sweat pants.

 "Can I help you?", the beautiful British voice asked.

"Oh yes sorry, Hi I'm Elmer your next door neighbor and I came over to give your family this pie!"

Elmer stared into the young mans eyes the whole time.

  "How sweet! Well come on in my folks will be back in a bit. They would love to meet a new face!" and without a moment's hesitation the young beauty pulled Elmer inside his home.

 Elmer was speechless.

"You have a lovely home!", Elmer said excitingly.

 "It's alright. Living in America is quite different! I'm Hugh btw! I'll be right back I kinda hurt my leg on my jog this morning."

"Oh really? I'm a retired sports doctor. I could take a look for you if you want?"

Elmer saw Hugh hesitate but he nodded anyway. Elmer followed Hugh into a lounge room in the back of the house. Nothing was really pretty about it . The house still had boxes on boxes all around expect a huge brown couch that sat in the middle of this den.

"So what do I need to do?" Hugh asked earnestly.

"Hmm well sit down on the couch first and then we can go from there?"

Elmer was lying he had no idea what to do but he knew he wanted to touch this man so bad. Hugh sat on the couch and looked at Elmer. Elmer began his "examination".
Slowly he began massaging the lower part of Hugh's muscular leg. Hugh just sat quietly.

Elmer moved up a bit to his thigh and then Hugh let out sound, "Ahh yeah that spot hurts!"

Elmer began to think of a new way to handle this.

"Okay in order for me to see what the problem is you need to remove the sweats so I can get a better look." and with those words Hugh removed his sweats and exposing his muscualr hairy thighs and again a pair of sweaty white FTL's with a massive bulge.

 "Okay Hugh look up for me. That way your neck joints will stretch out as well and then your body will be easier to help."

Hugh complied. He bent his head back and he even closed his eyes. Elmer began massaging Hugh's outer thigh. With every motion Elmer conducted he could hear Hugh let out a small moan. Elmer then moved his hand closer to the groin area. Hugh still had his head back and was still letting out soft moans. Elmer then moved his head close to Hugh's package and took a big whiff of the musk radiating from his underwear. It smelt of piss, sweat, and cock. Elmer took another whiff and again the aroma began to excite him. Elmer had forgotten about Hugh's thigh pain and began massaging both sides of the man's inner thigh region. Hugh did nothing but moan and keep his head tilted back. Elmer decided to take a chance and let a finger slip inside the side of the white briefs. Elmer touched a sweaty part of Hugh's ballsack and Hugh had not even noticed. This time Elmer tried a different move and stuck a finger deeper down the man's briefs touching the entire sweaty ballsack.

"Whoa what was that?" Hugh asked.

Quickly Elmer assumed the thigh massage position and pretended like nothing happened. Elmer slowly got up and headed towards to entrance.

"Well I need to be getting back home! Tell your parents I said Hi!" and with that Elmer was out the door and ran back to his place.

 Elmer ran up to his study and peered into his telescope and saw Hugh in his room again. This time Hugh looked confused and made his way to the bathroom a place where Elmer's eyes could not travel.

Months passed and like clock work Elmer would watch the young man across the way from him via his telescope. Some days Hugh would just sit on his bed, some days he would read, other days he would work out and stretch . But no matter what Elmer never saw the goods. Elmer jerked off to Hugh sleeping some nights. Just the sight of Hugh made Elmer get an erection. Elmer even found out Hugh's age. He saw Hugh's 22nd birthday cards hanging all over his neat room. Elmer felt like he was part of Hugh's life.

One day Elmer noticed Hugh's parents had not come home for a few days. Elmer,now an expert at lip-reading, saw Hugh have a phone conversation and say that they were on a week long trip and he was not feeling good. Elmer decided this was his chance to fulfill his fantasy. Tonight he was gonna drink that boy dry.

Hugh had just got done cleaning up his soup mess he had made when he heard a knock at his door. Hugh walked towards the door and saw a familiar face.

"Hi stranger!", Hugh said to Elmer as he stood at the young mans door.

"Hi buddy! Look I saw you through the kitchen window when I took out my kitchen trash and noticed you were sick. So I figured I could help you out if you wanted." Elmer grinned.

"How can you do that?", Hugh asked as he ushered Elmer into his house.

  "I brought some medicine from my home. It's an old man's recipe but it kicks the sickness away in one day! One sip and that cold will be gone but you will be out like a lightbulb."

"Thats exactly what I need. I've been sick for a couple days and I have to DJ tomorrow night. If I take it can you housesit for me till the morning? You can sleep in the den if you want?"

   "I'd be honored!",  Elmer smiled at Hugh who was already taking the medicine. Only a few seconds had passed and Hugh was already yawning.

"Wow that shit really works. I'm off to bed. Elmer I owe you a big one!"

"No thats okay it's my pleasure." Elmer watched the young stud go up the stairs. Elmer had not lied about the medicine it was just a stronger version of the OTC cold medicine, only difference it had a stimulant in it that makes men easier to get hard. Elmer turned off the lights, locked all the doors, and closed all the windows, and stripped down to his naked body. Elmer took a big a gulp, stroked his semi erect cock a few times and made his way towards Hugh's bedroom.

Elmer stood in the open door way and gazed upon his sleeping beauty. Hugh was laying down on his back. His hairy muscular legs were a bit spread out and his bare torso was exposed for Elmer to admire. Hugh had no hair on his chest anywhere and his nipples were perky and sticking up. The only clothing Hugh had on was his white FTL briefs. Those briefs were all that were keeping Elmer from the boy's cock. It was time for Elmer to play.

Elmer leaned over Hugh's pretty clean shaven face and began kissing his mouth. Hugh's juicy lips were making Elmer precum. Elmer took his precum and rubbed a bit on Hugh's now wet lips. Elmer then began kissing his way down Hugh's torso. Elmer loved the way he could kiss every single ab muscle and loved Hugh's six pack. Again Elmer began to precum and he took those few drops and rubbed it on Hugh's perky nipples. Elmer couldn't wait any longer to see this beauty's cock. With a violent jerk he pulled off the cock blocking FTL briefs and Elmer's mouth dropped.

A big thick 9inch cock was seen just dangling over a set of thick juicy sized balls. Elmer admired the shaved region. The sleeping beauty had no hair at all on his cock and balls, it was super smooth. Without a moment's hesitation Elmer took Hugh's gigantic cock and began to suck off the sleeping beauty. Elmer slurped, gagged, and forced the monster cock down his throat. The more he moved his head back and forth the more he realized that this thing was getting thicker. Hugh was now making moaning sounds. Elmer did not stop. He put both hands around the 9 inch rod and jerked and slurped his way down that shaft. After a few massages with his hands Elmer got a small taste of precum and it was heaven. Faster and faster Elmer stroked that meat wanting to taste this man. Hugh began thrusting a twitching a bit letting out a few moans and groans all while still asleep. Elmer knew the man was close. Elmer worked the cock faster and faster. Finally he felt Hugh jerk back a bit and Elmer has his mouth filled with the boys cream. Elmer's cheeks were full, the amount of cum gushing from Hugh's cock was a lot. Elmer tried to swallow every bit of juice, but not even he could keep up with the supply and demand of splooge spewing from Hugh's thick throbbing cock. Elmer finally moved his mouth from the gigantic still cumming cock and he even had to dribble a bit out of his own mouth. This boy tasted like pure ecstasy. The cum was sweet and thick and Elmer was in heaven yet Elmer was not done. He moved toward Hugh's now open mouth and began stroking his own cum dripping cock. After a few jerks Elmer let go of his own load inside of Hugh's mouth and spewed it all over Hugh's face and body. Elmer shook his cock to make sure every drop was gone . Elmer stood over his beauty and nodded in happiness. Hugh was soaked in jizz.

Morning came and Hugh awoke from his deep slumber. Hugh noticed he was naked but smelt like clean soap. Hugh grabbed a pair of briefs from his dresser and looked around for Elmer. Elmer was nowhere to be seen. Hugh got dressed in his running clothes and made his way outside. As he walked outside he saw Elmer enter his own house. They both waved and Hugh went on for his usual run. As for Elmer he was not far from finished with this boy and couldn't wait to see the boy on the new camera system he installed in the house..especially the bathroom.